The Sabbat of Ostara (Spring Equinox) course


Connect with the Sabbat of Ostara and Goddess Ishtar by making a beautiful Ostara egg to use in your celebrations.

10am-1pm Saturday September 19, 2020
Course Prerequisites: None

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In the Sabbat of Ostara course connect with the Sabbat of Ostara by making your own Ostara egg! Create and decorate a beautiful egg. Take it home to use in your celebrations. Plus, in a powerful meditation, connect with the Goddess Ishtar helping to light truth and courage in your life.

Ostara, or Spring Equinox, is the second of the Spring festivals. It celebrates the fertility of Spring. The days and nights are now of equal length. It is a time of balance. The slowness of Winter is finally thrown off, it is a time of increasing greenery.

For more information please visit the ‘Sabbat of Ostara’ course page