Online Energy Portal Meditation Session

$18.00 inc. GST

Energy Portal Meditation

8 pm – 9 pm Thursday, November 11, 2021

Take some well-deserved time for yourself and enjoy an online Energy Portal meditation led by Mystical Dragon’s lovely Laura Palermo. A comfortable chair or cushion and dim lighting are all you will need. Pillows, blankets, or PJs are optional extras!

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Astrological alignments and certain dates open gateways for ascension energies, codes of activation and a strengthening of our connection to our higher self. Meditation during these times can bring greater insight, healing, and assist us to be more open to these energies. Therefore meditation offers an ideal opportunity to take some time for just that. We hold space for insight and open our hearts to a higher potential.

All you need do is be present with your experience without judgement. Each live online energy portal meditation focus is intuitively selected, with the intent of working with the gateway and planetary energies. As a result, guided meditation processes and sound are blended, particularly with crystal bowls and vocal toning. Meditation, a practice of coming back into stillness, is a way to quiet the mind.

Because of this process, we allow our body to become a vehicle for

  • healing
  • connection
  • manifestation

The pure crystal bowl tones gently lull you into a deep state of relaxation. Combined with intent and voicework we encourage our natural healing processes to occur. Certain sounds and notes work through vibrational resonance with our body and energy field.

With positive intent, you can shift, heal, and transform stuck energy, opening yourself up to higher light. More information on meditation can be found on our “Meditation Sessions” page.