Online 8-8 Lions Gate Meditation Session


Take some well deserved time for yourself and enjoy an 8-8 Lions Gate meditation lead by Mystical Dragon’s lovely Laura Palermo. A comfortable chair or cushion and dim lighting are all you will need. Pillows, blankets, or PJs are optional extras!

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Online 8-8 Lions Gate Meditation and Vocal Transmission: Embracing Your Power and Shifting into Alignment with Your Abundant Life. During challenging times, it can be difficult to believe there is a light at the end of the excruciatingly long tunnel. Most of us know the most powerful ingredient in healing and manifestation is your intent. The problem many of us face is not recognising the power we have within us for change. Lasting change sparks from within. Self-belief is an intrinsic aspect of this.

During this online 8-8 Lions Gate meditation, we will be working with the Lion’s Gate energy to spark change from our own inner sun. Through vocal tones, this energy will flow and assist you with heartfelt acceptance.

For more information on meditation can be found on our “Meditation Sessions” page.