Runes Short Course of three 90 minute sessions

Learn the ancient form of Rune readings! You are sure to love the Runes and grow ever more confident in your use of them to do readings with them in this three-part online course.

Join Audrey Haddacks LIVE online across three Saturdays starting May 16, 2020.”

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In these days of ever-evolving Spiritual Self-awareness, it is easy to forget the ancient history of our ancestors and their tried and tested ways of healing, reading and scrying. Our ancestors left us many legacies in the forms of Energy Healing, Crystal Healing and Reading, Chakra Awareness, Tarot and Palm Reading to name a few. There were also Runes, an ancient alphabet carved into pebbles, wood, bone or crystals and used for predicting outcomes, the same way as we use Tarot and the like for guidance.

These wonderful symbols represent a life from our past and yet still resonate strongly with today and bring great wisdom when used correctly and with respect. Runes can be used on their own or blended with Tarot, Oracle Cards or in healings. To connect with these ancient wisdom symbols is to connect with your ancestors and to link the past with the present and future.

For this short course, you will need a set of Runes to work with. These can be wood, crystals, pebbles or any form you prefer. As long as they are correctly handled and respected, they will work well with your energy. You will learn the history of Runes and how they connect to the ancient Gods and Goddesses, how to make your own Rune set, how best to keep them, how to prepare them for readings and of course, how to read them.

The Runic Alphabet is split into three sections being, Freyas Eight, Hagalls Eight and Tyrs Eight. They will be covered in three 90 minute sessions, together with the history of the Runes. You will be provided with comprehensive notes which you can keep for future reference but it is recommended to purchase a journal to jot down your readings and Runic learnings.

You are sure to come to learn to love your Runes and grow ever more confident in their use and in readings for yourself and others. So come and join us for this short course and learn the ancient form of Rune reading.