Introduction to Protection Magick course

The Truth Behind Curses, Black Magick, and Other Malevolent Forces – Postponed

Discover the truth behind curses, black magick and other malevolent forces! Learn how to clear negative energies from yourself and your home as well as build defences against future harmful influences. The human race is very good at “everyday protection”. We wear clothes and build houses, lock our doors and put bars on our windows, hide our money and “valuables” away in safes and vaults. We create armoured vehicles and vests to wear against the weapons we have built to defend ourselves and then if one of these fails, we have insurance to cover us! There is a more subtle invasion against which all of these devices are insufficient and which the only real insurance is awareness and knowledge.

Learn simple yet powerful steps that can be used to create and enhance your own protection and know what to do if you think you have been cursed or are under psychic attack. Look at protective symbols and easy things you can incorporate into your everyday life plus create your own protective charm bag in class to take home and use.

Introduction to Protection Magick course

  • 2pm-5pm Saturday April 18, 2020

Course Overview

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  • $30 enrolment fee
  • $30 course balance

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Online: PayPal (account or credit card)
  • In Person: Cash, VISA or MasterCard

Enrolment Eligibility

What is Provided

  • Materials to make a protection charm bag
  • Printed notes
  • Light refreshments

What to Bring

  • Pen and paper

Course Duration

  • 3 hours

Course Capacity

  • 18 Students

Next Course

  • Postponed


Your Mentor

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This course may be studied individually or as part of the Embracing Witchcraft Certificate Program

Course Topics

  • What is protection magick?
  • Discover ways to identify if you are under psychic/magickal attack
  • The tools needed for performing protection magick
  • How to clear yourself, your home, family and friends of negative energy
  • The right way to smudge
  • The role of the aura in protection
  • How to establish energetic protection for yourself and your home
  • Looking at curses and cures
  • Regular things you can do to stay protected
  • Magick energies associated with symbols, specifically those used for protection
  • Magick energies associated with Deities, specifically for protection
  • The right timing of your spells
  • Things to consider before you cast a spell
  • Create your own protection charm bag to take home and use
  • Some protection magick to try at home

About Your Facilitator


Amanda is the founder of Mystical Dragon and a White Witch who currently practises as a solitary witch. She has studied witchcraft extensively and been a practitioner of it for over 20 years. Previously a High Priestess of a Coven she now leads Mystical Dragon’s Open Circles. Amanda has developed and taught many courses on witchcraft.

An eclectic Witch, Amanda is passionate about her Craft and is happy to share her knowledge and experience with you as she truly cares about her students.