Psychic Activation Full Moon Magick

Psychic Activation Full Moon Magick

Best Timing

Full Moon

Required Items

  1. Agrimony herb (you can use another cleansing herb as a substitute)
  2. A circle of muslin or cheesecloth, plus ribbon to tie it up

What to Do

This spell is in two parts. Both parts together is ideal, but you could choose to do only one part if you wanted, or split them up to do at separate times. Let’s first start with a bath that helps us to release fears and blocks that stop us from sharing what we get intuitively. The herb Agrimony is good for doing this, so add some Agrimony into the centre of a circle of muslin or cheesecloth then draw up the sides to form a bag and tie this with ribbon and attach to your bathtub faucet and run yourself a nice warm bath. Soak in your bath awhile, focusing on relaxing and releasing fears and blockages from yourself and into the water. It is good to call on a Goddess of Intuition to aid in this if you like, such as Isis (Auset), Hecate, Saraswati, Selene, Rhiannon, Freya or Cerridwen. Speak from the heart and ask for their help letting go.

When your bath is finished, pull the plug and focus on all that no longer serves you moving away for good as it goes down the plug hole. Dry off and change into something comfortable. Then go outside, barefoot is best, and gaze at the Moon. Notice her colour, her size and feel her energy as you stand beneath her. You may want to speak to her from your heart again, this time about improving and increasing your intuition. When you feel ready, stand with legs apart and arms out, a bit like a star. Feel the ground beneath your feet and become aware of the Mother Earth energy that is there. Allow this to begin filling you through your feet and all the way up into the whole of your body. Visualise this happening – perhaps you see golden or green energy and you feel your connection to everything deepen. Notice what it feels like for the energy to radiate through your heart space and how your whole body is relaxing and even aches and pains begin subsiding.

Then when you are overflowing with this Earth energy, open your eyes and focus back on the Moon above you. Really focus now on the Moonbeams and Moon energy coming down and into your body. Visualise this happening too. See this energy filling up every part of you, and your third eye radiating with this silver-white energy and feel yourself deeply connected to everything. You can finish by saying: “I am ready for higher levels of intuition in my life. I allow the connection to move through and with me at the easiest and best speed for me. I am excited to see where opening to this part of myself will lead. I am intuitive, open and protected. I listen, feel and am confident enough to share what I receive. I am guided and blessed. So mote it be.” xx