Psychic Development 4 Sensing Murder Session

Sensing Murder tests your psychic skills!

Take the next step into the unseen world of Spirit in this Psychic Development 4 Sensing Murder session. Test your abilities and work with those who have passed over! In this session you are given a different little known solved murder case to tune in to. Related photos and maps are provided to assist you to “hook in” to the case presented and bring through connected information. Cases used in these sessions are well researched in order to provide as much confirmation as possible on the information students bring through. You are encouraged to use this session as a way to continue the development of your intuitive senses and stretch your confidence and abilities.

Sensing Murder sessions are offered multiple times across the year. Students do not need to attend all sessions. Each session is offered as stand alone so students can choose which to attend. To receive a Psychic Development Level 4 Sensing Murder certificate you need to have attended five Sensing Murder sessions.

Psychic Development Level 4 Sensing Murder

  • 7:00pm – 9:30pm Friday, February 19, 2021

Psychic Development 4 Sensing Murder Overview

Enrolment Eligibility

$40 Cost consists of

  • $40 session fee

Payment Options

Payment Methods

  • Online:
  • PayPal (account, credit card)
  • In-Person:
  • Cash, VISA, MasterCard

What is Provided

  • Hands-on experience
  • Light refreshments

What to Bring

  • Pen and paper

Session Duration

  • 2½ hours

Session Capacity

  • 14 Students

Next Session

  • Friday February 19, 2021
    7:00pm – 9:30pm


Your Mentor

your psychic development 4 sensing murder mentor

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You are encouraged to take notes during class as no notes are provided. Designed to be practical in nature it involves hands–on exercises, activities, and discussion with everyone expected to participate.

It is recommended that students of this course only have a light meal, avoid too much caffeine and drink plenty of water before class to help raise their vibrations to get the most out of class.

This course is capped to ensure you receive personalised attention, therefore gaining a very valuable opportunity to learn and grow to your full potential.

Leading up to this session

  • Continue a regular meditation routine
  • Keep a Journal of your psychic experiences/dreams
  • Practise using the tools learnt with friends and family
  • Read books such as
    • ‘You are Clairvoyant’ by Belinda Grace
    • ‘Psychic Protection’ by Ted Andrews
    • ‘Psychic Protection lifts the spirit’ by Cassandra Eason
    • ‘Trust your Vibe’ by Sonja Choquette
    • ‘The Lightworkers Way’ by Doreen Virtue.

To accompany this session

  • Continue a regular meditation routine
  • Keep a Journal of your psychic experiences/dreams

To follow this session

  • Continue a regular meditation routine
  • Practise using the tools learnt with friends and family
  • Other Psychic Development Level 4 courses

About Your Facilitator


Amanda is the founder Mystical Dragon and School Principal of Mystical Dragon College. She has had psychic experiences her whole life. These psychic experiences inspired Amanda to learn more about how to understand and grow her intuition. In her early 20s Amanda joined a psychic development circle where she spent a number of years developing her gifts. She was so good at mediumship she was asked to be a regular platform worker at the Spiritual Church. Instead, Amanda began teaching others how to expand their intuitive gifts. She works from the heart and is excited to share her knowledge with you!

Important Notice

Intellectual Property Rights

All material created for use in this course/workshop was written and developed by Amanda Godfrey and remains the property of Amanda Godfrey who retains all intellectual property rights. The use of such material by authorised Mystical Dragon teachers/facilitators for educational and administrative purposes at premises sanctioned by Mystical Dragon is permitted. Unless otherwise agreed in writing no portion of the provided course/workshop material may be reproduced or distributed.