Psychic Growth Spell

Psychic Growth Spell

Best Timing

Scorpio Moon or any New Moon or Full Moon

Required Items

  1. Tarot cards – the star, the high priestess and the hermit
  2. A Purple or Silver candle
  3. Pen and paper or journal

What to Do

Here is a spell using some Tarot cards, but you could substitute with oracle cards the represented the same things to you. You need 3 cards – The Star, The High Priestess, and The Hermit cards. Place your candle about the centre of your altar, leaving room to lay your cards just below this. Have your cards ready but not on the altar yet. Then invoke the God and Goddess with whatever words you wish, asking for their blessings upon you and your spell this day. Pause and be aware of their energy.

Next, place The Star card face up on your altar and announce:
“I add The Star card to my altar invoking inspiration, guidance, and creativity.”

Then place The High Priestess card face up on your altar and announce:
“I add The High Priestess to my altar invoking focusing of the mind, intuition and connecting to something greater than myself.”

Then place The Hermit card face up on your altar and announce:
“I add The Hermit to my altar invoking the ability to interpret the knowledge and guidance I receive.”

Light your candle, hold your hands over the cards and say:

I invoke the protection of the God and Goddess and I am open and receptive to higher levels of consciousness.
 May Divine guidance be here for me now so that I may receive the knowledge and energy you offer.
 I declare that I am open and receptive.
 My psychic centres are quickened.
 I open my eyes and ears to all impressions that are coming through to me now.
 I see through the veil so that I may look beyond.
 I place this petition before the God and Goddess.
 May it be done for the greater good of all and with harm to none!
 By the powers within and around me…I declare my spell manifest!
 With harm to none, so Mote it Be! Blessed Be.

Now is a good time to sit with a pen and paper to write any inspirational messages that come through, or you can do some divination, automatic writing or similar. Be sure to let your candle burn all the way down and thank all of the energies that helped you with your spell. xx