Our Psychic Development Program

Our Psychic Development Program

Everyone is innately psychic, but bringing this ability in to conscious awareness can be a difficult process. To aid those who are ready to develop their psychic abilities Mystical Dragon has developed a series of Psychic Development courses and workshops that can take you on a personal journey of awakening! Students are under no obligation to undertake our Advanced Certificate Program as it was born to reward Mystical Dragon students who finish studying the higher levels. (NB: A indicates one or more prerequisites exist)

Foundation Psychic Development

Foundation level Psychic Development courses guide you through the very important basics of clearing and psychic protection through to the exploration of your spiritual gifts while helping nurture your growing psychic abilities in a harmonious environment.

Advanced Psychic Development

Each advanced psychic development course focuses on a different psychic skill, developing it and taking it further while challenging the student to extend themselves to open up even further.


Divination, to gain insight to a question or situation by the reading of signs, events, omens, or contact with spirit is thought to be as old as time itself. Some more common divination methods are taught here at Mystical Dragon.

Your Psychic Development Mentors

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