Archangel Raphael Healing Spell

Archangel Raphael Healing Spell

Best Timing

Virgo Moon is most ideal, but this spell can be done at any time

Required Items

  1. A Red candle (white is a good substitute)
  2. A Bloodstone or Garnet crystal (tumbled works well)
  3. Frankincense incense or resin or oil (depending what you prefer to burn)

What to Do

Virgo is a powerful Moon to do healing work of any kind, so if you have physical ailments or are struggling on any level, this spell is for you. Archangel Raphael is a great energy to work with for healing. He is the angel most considered in charge of healing and is the special patron of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and the ailing. His emblem is the fish, he is connected to the colour emerald green and he is sometimes depicted holding or wearing a flask of medicine. We can call on Archangel Raphael whenever we need any kind of healing.

A good way to do this is to first of all have an image of him – you may find something on the internet, have an oracle card that represents him, you may already have a statue, etc – choose something that resonates with you. Place your chosen image on your altar or sacred space, along with a red candle, and a Bloodstone crystal or Red Garnet crystal. Burn your preferred frankincense and as you inhale this scent charge your candle and crystal up with the thought that you are full of health – see yourself full of vitality, healthy and happy. Any ailments that have been causing you issue, see them dissolving and gone.

Then when you are ready, light your candle up and invoke Archangel Raphael. You can use your own words, or say the following:

Archangel Raphael,
 You who are blessed with healer’s grace,
 I ask for your love and help now please.
 Wrap my body in your emerald green light until there is no more illness within it.
 Fill me with your energy, until there is no more pain.
 Bless me so that vibrant health increases everyday.
 With thanks and harm to none, so mote it be.

Once your spell is done, allow your candle to burn all the way out, with your crystal charging beside the candle and your image of Raphael. When the candle is finished, gaze at the candle wax for any messages for you – allow your higher self to guide you as to what any symbols you see might mean. Then any left over wax can be disposed of and you can carry your crystal, helping to channel Archangel Raphael’s healing energy to you across the coming days and weeks. xx