Rebalancing My Life Spell

Rebalancing My Life Spell

This spell can aid you in re-evaluating and re-balancing your life.

Best Timing

Libra Moon is perfect, but this spell can be done at any time

Required Items

  1. A White candle
  2. Some incense you love the smell of
  3. Some soothing music that helps you relax
  4. Pen and paper or your Journal

What to Do

The Libra Full Moon is a good time to evaluate where we are at within ourselves and our life. It is a good time to see if we have balance or what may need to change in order to create a better balance in our life (work/life balance, study/life balance or whatever). We should evaluate our mental, emotional, spiritual and even karmic levels of our lives.

Rebalancing My Life Spell

Now you might ask why karmic levels? Well, karma has such an influence over our lives which many don’t realise. Our magick should be positively focused so that we don’t accumulate negative karma, but more than that what we do in our lives in general should be positively focused too. Everything we send out comes back to us on some level and at some time. And we have a karmic bank account which we can accumulate interest in by doing good for others.

By keeping a positive attitude and energy we can create more good for ourselves and for those around us. And by balancing our lives on all levels – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually – we find ourselves in better health, coping when the challenges crop up and finding solutions more easily. We are also a better support for those around us too.

For this spell I encourage you to keep things simple. In essence we are simply lighting a candle and taking time for your own healing and reflection.

Set up your candle and incense on your altar or sacred space. Light your incense. Put your music on softly in the background. Centre yourself as you take a moment to breathe in the incense and listen to your music. When you feel ready, light your candle.

You could use an invocation like the following once your candle is lit:

I call to you, Wise Goddess of all creative forces,
 and ask that you breathe your breath of life into my spirit.
 Bring your blessings of vision and understanding please.
 Ease my mind and soul and grant me healing dear Lady.
 Show me where my life may currently be out of balance,
 and ways that I may improve this.
 Remind me also of the gifts that my spirit possesses,
 those unique offerings that only I bring to this life.
 And when my spirit is low, dear Lady,
 help remind me that I have the skills, abilities, and wisdom to create the changes needed in my life.
 With love and light, and with harm to none, Blessed be.

As you candle and incense are burning, so some Moon gazing, meditation, take a soak in the bath, give yourself some hands on healing, do some journal writing, or whatever else feels appropriate. During this time look at where the balance lies in your life, or where it may be missing. Consider what might need to change and how you could go about bringing that change in. Jot down any guidance or inspiration that may come through to you. xx