Rebirth Spell

A Spell to clear old energy and embrace fresh new energy

Best Timing For Your Rebirth Spell

New Moon or Full Moon is ideal for this spell

What You Need For This Spell

  1. Paper and Pen
  2. A heatproof container/cauldron
  3. A candle (red, orange or yellow is ideal, white if you don’t have any of these)
  4. Dragonsblood resin
  5. A charcoal disk
  6. A picture or statue of a Phoenix (optional)

Putting Your Rebirth Spell Together

This spell will help you release whatever you need to shake off and step into new positive energy for yourself and your life. We are going to call on the energy of Pheonix to help, a powerful elemental energy I find for both clearing and rebirth/renewal.

Gather your spell items together. On your altar or sacred space set up your Phoenix image (if using it) and in front of this light your charcoal disk in your heatproof container and start your resin burning. Centre yourself, before inviting the Phoenix to join you. You can do this informally, using whatever words come to mind, or you could say something like: “Mighty Phoenix, energy of change and transformation. I do summon and call you to join me this day, to add your blessings to my spell. With thanks, Blessed Be.” Take a few moments to feel and connect with this energy once you’ve called it in.

Then when you are ready move the paper and pen in front of you. On one side of your paper write down key words connected to anything you feel is still needing to be cleared/released from your life. It could be blocks to self-love, not being able to say “no” when you need to, a job that no longer suits you or whatever feels appropriate. If you can’t think of anything to write you could write “anything needing to be released at this time”.

Next flip the paper over and write any key words that feel connected to your rebirth. This could be things like “joy”, “abundance”, “self-care”, “wisdom”, “intuition” or anything else that resonates with you. You don’t need to get any more specific than core energies you want your rebirth to contain. In this way we allow Universe to create something wonderful for us, without us putting boundaries on it (often I find if we allow it Universe will bring us something better than we imagined, but we have to be prepared to let go and allow).

Lastly, light your candle. Take a good minute or more to watch the flame and connect to this element of fire. You may even see Phoenix show itself in the flame to you. When ready fold your paper ready to burn. Then light one end of your paper on the lit candle. Drop the burning paper into your heatproof container watching it burn and say: “Mighty Phoenix, energy of change and transformation. Bless my intentions. Aid me in releasing what no longer serves me with ease. And guide me as a walk forward in trust onto new paths and adventures filled with love and joy. With harm to none, so mote it be. Blessed be.”

Make sure your paper burns all the way through (anything that doesn’t you might like to carefully relight) and allow your candle to burn all the way out. Over the coming weeks watch for signs that Phoenix is working with you. Try to flow with the guidance and messages that come through and opportunities that present themselves to you. xx