Road Opener Spell To Help Remove Blockages

Road Opener Spell

This is my version of a traditional Road Opener spell.

How A Road Opener Spell Can Help

A road opener spell helps remove blockages and clear the path or road ahead of you. This way you are able to move forward in life on a more positive footing.

Best Timing

The New Year is a great time to perform this spell or any New Moon or Full Moon would boost its energy.

Required Items

  1. A white candle
  2. A bowl of water
  3. An incense stick or cone (any scent)
  4. A tumbled crystal (any type)
  5. An image or statue of Goddess Auset

What to Do

Goddess Auset
Goddess Auset

Charge your candle and crystal in both hands with the intent of removing obstacles to being able to move forward in your life. You can focus on specific problems/blockages you are aware of or just that energy of being blocked and stuck in general. See/feel these obstacles being dissolved and cleared so the path ahead is clear. Remember if you focus on specific blockages to also see/feel any other blockages you are not yet aware of to be cleared as well, otherwise, you could do this spell, those obstacles clear but more arise soon afterwards.

When ready centre yourself, light the incense and take a moment to connect to the element of Air, then;

  1. Anoint your candle with the lemongrass oil while focusing on clearing the way forward. When that is complete place your candle in a holder and light your candle taking a moment to connect to the element of Fire.
  2. Put your fingers in the water and take a moment to connect to the element of Water.
  3. Pick up your crystal and hold it in your hands and take a moment to connect to the element of Earth.
  4. Touch or look at your picture or statue of Goddess Auset and take a moment to connect to her.

The Spell Invocation (say three times, a bit louder each time)

By the Elements of Universal Light
I call to thee to send me your might.
And I call upon the Goddess Auset (pronounced oar-set),
and ask my spell for her to Bless.
Please walk beside me on paths that clear,
And guide me forward in ways I hear.
With your blessing my inner light grows,
And as it does everything in my life flows.
By all the powers of three times three,
With harm to none, So mote it be.

Close your eyes and feel Goddess Auset with you. Then see or feel a road stretched out before you. See/feel that the road is open and clear. See/feel yourself easily moving forward down that road, without hindrance. See yourself happy, healthy and feeling lighter and happier as you move down the road. As you look further up the road you may be able to see some of your goals, hopes and dreams along the road ahead. Try not to get too specific and don’t stress if you don’t see them either. Know and affirm that there are wonderful things ahead for you and the Goddess will be with you all the way, helping and guiding you.

Leave your candle and incense to burn all the way out. It is nice to take some time to do some meditation, journal writing, star gazing or take a bath while this happens or when complete. Remember to continue to call in Goddess Auset in the days and weeks ahead. Asking for her to continue to be with you in guiding you and also thanking her for her connection and guidance. xx