Seeking Answers or Guidance Spell

A Spell to Assist in Receiving Guidance

Seeking answers spell is good for those times when you feel you need to sit and ask Universe for some answers, guidance and direction for your life. If you find that you have many questions you want answered try to narrow it down to a few that feel the most important. For this simple spell, I would use a Rhodonite or Rose Quartz crystal, as both of these help keep you heart-centred and also guide you along the path of your true heart’s desires and purpose.

Best Timing For Seeking Answers Spell

Full Moon, New Moon or Moon in Gemini is good timing.

What You Need For This Spell

  1. A white candle (wish candle is good for this)
  2. Rose Quartz and/or Rhodonite crystal
  3. A cleansing incense (or oil) that you like the smell of to burn while you work, like Sandalwood, Sage, Dragonsblood or Palo Santo.

Putting Your Seeking Answers Spell Together

Set up your chosen cleansing incense or oil to burn in the background while you are working your spell. Then charge your chosen crystal and your candle with your specific questions and your request for answers to these questions. Set your candle up on your altar and place your crystal at the base of your candle.

When you are ready, light your candle and say:
“Good Moon, Round Moon, Full Moon that appears tonight, Guide me to the answers I seek.”
Repeat this invocation three times and on the last time add “Blessed Be”.

Allow your candle to burn down all the way. As it burns down use this time to do some divination with your favourite oracle deck, runes or another divination tool, write in your journal or do some automatic writing, spend some time in meditation or do some Moon gazing (or any combination of these). Once your candle has finished burning down carry your crystal on you and sleep with it under your pillow or near your bed. Know that your answers will begin coming to you now that you have requested assistance. You might find them start to come immediately during meditation or divination while the spell is underway. Or you might find they begin coming to you over the following days and weeks. Not just through meditations, but also everyday ways Universe brings messages to us like repeated numbers, images or words, inspiration and ideas, etc. Try not to obsess about your questions/answers but instead allow Universe to speak to you and bring you what you need to know. Also, be open to Universe re-directing you to something else that may be better for you. xx

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