Self Love Growing Spell

Self Love Growing Spell

A spell to help you grow self love and nurturing for yourself

Best Timing

A Pisces Moon is ideal, or a Waxing Moon

Required Items

  1. A Rose Quartz or Rhodonite crystal
  2. A Black Obsidian or Snowflake Obsidian crystal
  3. A pink candle
  4. Pen and paper
  5. A length of pink or black ribbon (I find paper ribbon is best for this)
  6. A cauldron or fire proof container
  7. Palo Santo, Sage, Rosemary or Frankincense incense or herbs burning in the background (optional)

What to Do

Start by taking your pink candle and your Rose Quartz or Rhodonite crystal. Charge each individually with the intent of growing your self love (think about if you had more self love how would you act differently? How would it feel to love yourself more-would you do more self care? etc). Then set your candle up on your altar/sacred space with the crystal at its base.

When you are ready, light the candle and say:

Blessed Goddess, Mother unto all, healer and inspiration. 
 I invoke your magick this night/day. 
 As my candle burns down my self love is growing. 
 Show me I am worthy, help it sink in and become knowing.

Next, take your black Obsidian or snowflake Obsidian crystal and hold it in your non-writing hand. Mentally ask your crystal to help with the healing process. Then with your paper and pen write down all the things that have been surfacing for you and need healing. It could be connected to a particular relationship or circumstance – if there is more than one you wish to work on focus on one at a time (you might even want to do them on different nights depending how emotional it is). Remember that no one else will read this, so don’t be afraid to admit or write anything you feel you need. Sometimes the hardest part is admitting you were wrong or feel bad about some aspect of the situation. As you are writing continue to hold the obsidian crystal and allow feelings, words and impressions to not only be written down but also flow into your crystal. Alternatively, if you feel too uncomfortable to write these things down, you could just pour everything into the crystal and instead write down some key words that feel significant to the healing.

Once it is all written down, however long or short it is, roll the paper up and tie it with the ribbon. Next, place your paper over your cauldron or fireproof container and set it on fire while you say the following invocation:

Blessed Goddess, Mother unto all, healer and inspiration. 
 I invoke your magick this night. 
 These feelings made my heart heavy and sad. 
 Burn them away now, I release and remove them. 
 Help to cleanse my heart and soul. 
 I allow my heart to forgive and heal. 
 For I love myself, and I fill my life with love and happiness. 
 With thanks and harm to none, so mote it be.

Watch your paper burn and ensure it is burnt through properly. Sprinkle the ashes out in the garden or somewhere that feels appropriate to you and as you do acknowledge you have released this.

Lastly, continue to allow your candle to burn down if it has not finished by the time you complete the releasement aspect of your spell (it will depend how much you needed to write). While you wait for your candle it is a good time to soak in a bath with beautiful smelling essential oils, or star gaze, meditate or do something else that is self-nurturing. Once the candle is burnt all the way down your crystal is charged to help with your self-love journey and you can carry it with you for the coming days or weeks, as you see fit. And make sure you cleanse your Obsidian crystal once the spell is done too. xx