Self Love Spell

A Spell to help fill yourself with love

A spell to help fill yourself with love and nurturing and improve your self love and the way you see yourself.

Best Timing

A Pisces New Moon is ideal, or any time you need a boost of self love.

Required Items

  1. One or more self-love crystals (see spell below for suggestions)
  2. A clean, empty jar that seals
  3. A Pink candle
  4. Chamomile or Lavender tea
  5. An image of Goddess Quan Yin (optional)

What to Do

It is always a good time to do some work on our self-love. Firstly create for yourself a self-love altar. This can be anywhere you like in your home; your bedside table, your working altar, or a spare shelf. You might decide to make your self-love altar a permanent altar in your home or a temporary altar for just while self love is your focus. Put things that represent self-love to you on your altar. Rose Quartz, Pink Calcite, Rhodonite, Green Jade and Carnelian are all good choices of crystals, select at least one for your altar and one for your spell. Hearts, pictures of yourself that you like (it is important you don’t loathe yourself everytime you look at it), sigils, symbols or oracle cards that represent love, nurturing self, or whatever feels most relevant to you.

Next take a clean, clear jar and write “I am worthy of love” on it and draw any hearts or other symbols that feel appropriate to you. Fill your jar with water, seal it and place it outside on the Earth under the Moon to charge for a minimum of one hour (it will absorb both Earth energy and Moon energy). Then boil the water and use this to make chamomile or lavender flavoured tea, or another flavour that makes you feel nurtured. Charge your teacup, with tea inside it, while you are holding it in both hands with your intent of self-love.

Light a pink candle (which has also been charged with your intent) on your altar with your self love crystals around it. At this time you might like to invoke someone like Goddess Quan Yin to aid you in your self love quest. You could have an image of her on your altar as well and say something like: “Thank you Quan Yin for bringing a deeper awareness of compassion and self-love into my home and into my life”.

Then sit with your candle, watching it burn down and sipping your tea. Take this time to think about all the things you love about yourself, all the things you’ve accomplished so far, and all the things you are striving for. If a negative thought comes into your mind, try to turn it into a positive. E.G. if you start thinking about how you said the wrong thing, re-frame this to something like, “I honoured myself by speaking my truth, even if I didn’t express myself exactly right that time. But I will continue to speak up and value my truth.”

You can meditate, journal write and even soak in a bath while you sip your tea and your candle burns down. You might also like to see the healing expanding outwards from you to your neighbourhood and out into the world, bringing peace and calm.

After your spell is complete, carry one of your crystals, which are now extra charged, on you and sleep with it under your pillow so that the healing can continue. xx