Sending Healing to Another Person Spell

Sending Healing to Another Person Spell

How this Healing Spell Can Help

This spell assists you in being able to send healing to another person, aiding any area they are struggling with such as physical ailments, mental or emotional health.

Best Timing

A Full Moon or New Moon is ideal, but this spell can be done at any time

Required Items

  1. A photo of the person you want to send healing to
  2. A Pink candle (white is a good a substitute)
  3. Rose Quartz crystal or a Clear Quartz crystal point
  4. Frankincense or Bergamot oil

What to Do

Charge up your candle between both hands and holding the focus of the person you want to send healing to be vibrant and full of health. While you do this see them well and happy in your minds eye. Feel the love you have for them. You can even create a short positive affirmation to repeat while you do this. Ensure you use all positive words if you do – not statements like “no longer has cancer”, but instead something like “full of health and vitality”.

Once you have done this for several minutes with your candle go through the same process holding your crystal and then holding the photo of the person.

Once everything is charged with your intent, anoint your candle with your oil moving in a circular motion from the bottom of the candle to the top. As you work with your oil keep focused on your spell intent.

Then set your candle up in its holder on your altar or sacred space. Place the crystal(s) around the base of the candle (if you are using a clear quartz point make sure the point is facing towards your candle). Place the photo in front of the candle (but where the photo will not get burnt).

When you are ready, center yourself and say:

With help from Maiden, Mother, Crone,
 I seek to make good health be known.
 Bring happy days and illness end,
 For many more days with loved ones to spend,
 Blessed days ahead with no health strife,
 Bring joyous days into (names) life.
 For the highest good and harming none,
 As I will it so let it be done.
 With harm to none, so mote it be.
 Blessed Be.

Let your candle burn all the way down. While this is happening, you might like to do a meditation and see the person you are sending healing to with the Goddess with them, filling them with healing energy and light. See any areas of concerns being particularly focused on with healing energy. See the person get up after this healing, moving without any pain or problems and life is good. It’s important to see illness being dissolved away and health/healing/love increasing within them as your focus.

When the spell is complete you can either give the crystal (which is now charged up with the spells healing energy) to the person you are sending healing to, for them to carry or you can keep the crystal sitting on top of their photo on your altar and use them to help send more healing energy from time to time. You can repeat this spell regularly if you wanted to. xx