Spell for Courage and Bravery

Channel Fears And Doubts Into Protection And Bravery

A spell to help you channel your fears and doubts into protection and bravery. With so much Lion energy at this Leo New Moon, let’s call on some warrior strength and courage to carry us forward!

Best Timing

The best timing for this spell is at the New Moon in August (Leo New Moon) when we are near the Lionsgate as well. It can also be done at a Full Moon or anytime you need it.

Required Items

  1. A flower or flowers, fresh is ideal, all the better if the flower is red or orange, or an incense stick
  2. A bowl of rock salt
  3. Some dried herb, either Mullein, Yarrow, or Thyme
  4. A vase of water for the flowers
  5. (optional) A red or orange candle

What to Do

Courage and Bravery spell

As you prepare for this spell, consider anything that may be worrying you, or making you feel defeated and low. Allow yourself some space to express any of these emotions. It is OK, if how you are feeling triggers some tears, just allow how you feel to rise to the surface without trying to push it down or logic it away. Thank those emotions as they do serve a purpose for us. When you feel ready, you can channel those fears and doubts into protection and bravery!

In a bowl combine some rock salt with either of the dried herbs. Place your flower(s) in the vase of water on your altar and sprinkle a circle of your salt and herb blend around the vase.  I like to charge up a red or orange candle with the intent of being protected, strong, and courageous. Set it up beside your vase, keeping it outside of the salt circle. See/feel yourself able to handle whatever happens in a positive way.

You could also work with a Fiery Goddess like Goddess Sekhmet or Goddess Brigid if you wanted.

Invocation for Courage and Bravery

Stand before your altar and take a deep breath. As you exhale focus on letting go of any fear, anger, or frustration you may still be holding onto. Do this for a few minutes if you need. When you feel centred and ready, light your candle and say:

Leo’s fiery energy now encircles me
I am a warrior, so I set my fears free
Flower, salt and Thyme (whichever herb you used) by three,
Send to me passion, courage and bravery!
With harm to none, so mote it be

Keep the flower in your salt circle for the next few days until your flower begins to wilt or look sad. This is your signal to gather up the flower and your salt circle into an envelope or bag (it should be something that you can close up and seal). Then in your mind acknowledge that these things have imbued you with the courage and bravery you requested and in exchange, they have soaked up your fear and worry. With confidence in this knowledge, walk your sealed parcel out to a garbage bin outside of your home, throw it in the bin, turn on your heel and walk confidently back to the house without looking back.xx