Spell to Assist Someone in Falling Pregnant

Spell to Assist Someone in Falling Pregnant

For best results, the couple who are trying to conceive should perform this Spell to Assist Someone in Falling Pregnant together, or at least one of them should participate in this spell. This spell is written from the perspective of you being the person wanting to be pregnant. Obviously, you should adjust the spell slightly if you are doing it on someone else’s behalf.

Best Timing

The best timing for this spell is at a Full Moon, especially a Cancer or Pisces Full Moon.

Required Items

  1. A pink candle and holder
  2. Hawthorn
  3. Mugwort
  4. Rose Petals
  5. Olive Oil or Rose Oil
  6. Garnet, mookite, and rose quartz crystals

What to Do for The Spell

spell to assist in falling pregnant

What follows is a step-by-step guide to creating a spell to assist someone in falling pregnant. Begin by gathering all your items together. Now set up your candleholder somewhere in your home that you can leave the candle to burn out completely. It is always nice to decorate the table you will put it on with a nice cloth and perhaps one or two items that represent a baby to you. I.E. a magazine photograph of a baby or pregnant woman, baby booties, etc.

Mix the hawthorn and mugwort together to make a blend. As you do this, focus on your want. See yourself pregnant or holding your newborn baby. Then pour them onto a tray or board, spreading them out at least as long as your candle. Now, using your chosen oil, rub your candle in small circles, starting from the top to the bottom. As you do this, focus again on your want. Roll the candle in the herb mix, ensuring all the candle is at least lightly covered with the herbs.

Place your candle in the candleholder. Sprinkle the rose petals in a circle around the candle. Focus on the loving connection your family has, the bond between husband and wife, then the bond between mother, father, and baby. The Egyptian Goddess Isis/Auset is a Mother archetype and has a very loving and nurturing energy. You can call on her at this point in the spell. “Beautiful Isis/Auset, we call on you now. We ask your assistance with conceiving, carrying, and bringing into the world a beautiful, healthy baby…” Tell her your reasons why you both want a child. See yourself as clearly as possible conceiving, carrying, and bringing into the world a beautiful, healthy baby. See/Feel/Affirm what it would be like. Take several minutes to do this.

When you feel ready, light the candle. With your heart and soul, know that this wish is already being taken care of. Leave your candle to burn all the way out. The following day, take any remaining melted wax along with any leftover herbs and bury them under your bedroom window. If doing this for someone else, give the couple the parcel to bury under their bedroom window. Know that, from the Earth, all things grow. Once you have finished, try not to focus on what you have just done, or what you are trying to manifest. Put it out of your mind as best you can. Allow the Universe to work with this energy. When we think about it constantly, we are holding onto the wish very tightly and not releasing it to the Universe to do what it needs to create your wish. xx

To add to this, I found an altar for my pregnancy created on my bedside table, really helpful. I kept this going all the way through my pregnancy until my son was here with us! Put just a couple of items that represent pregnancy/baby on this altar, including crystals like garnet, mookite, red jasper, rose quartz, moonstone, etc. My main item was a fertility goddess statue with her big pregnant belly and she was surrounded by the crystals mentioned. You can carry some of these crystals throughout the day and leave them on the altar at night.