Relationship Cord Cutting Spell

A Spell to Dissolve and Cut Energy Cords with Another Person

Cord-cutting is a process to help free you from unhealthy, emotional bonds that drain your mental energy. It does not remove healthy emotional bonds but allows for a readjustment of the relationship.

This relationship cord-cutting spell is good to do after breaking up with a romantic partner or if you have an unhealthy friend or family relationship.

Best Timing

This spell is good to do during the Waning Moon or a Full Moon but can be done anytime it is needed

Required Items

  1. A black candle (a Wish candle works well)
  2. Loose sage and charcoal disk OR a smudge stick OR energy clearing spray
  3. A length of black cord, preferably cotton, doesn’t need to be thick
  4. Cauldron or heat proof container

Preparation For Your Relationship Cord Cutting Spell

Charge your candle between two hands with your intention to dissolve and clear away negative energy and cords between yourself and the person(s) you want to severe cords with. If it is multiple people then see each one individually as you charge your candle. Don’t send them negative energy, simply focus on your intent of clearing away the cords and energy between you. When you are happy, set up the candle on your altar. Take some nice deep breaths to centre yourself.

The Process

When you feel ready to begin your relationship cord-cutting spell, light up your charcoal disk and cover it with some of the loose sage so this clearing energy is working in the background while you do your spell. Top up your sage on the charcoal as needed through out your spell. Then take some nice deep breaths, and light the candle. Hold up your length of black cotton and announce:

"This represents the negative energy cords that hold me to (name person(s) or use a statement like my immediate family) and blocks me from moving forward, from being myself, from making my own choices, and living my life my way."

Set the cord alight from the candle flame then put it in your cauldron or heat proof container to burn through. When you are ready say:

"While I do thank you for what positive you may have added to my life, I do now dissolve, cut, and release all aspects of our relationship which drain, restrict, or hold me in any negative state." 

At this point try to ensure the cord/cotton is burnt as much as possible. Relight any parts that need it. When you are happy, smudge yourself to clear and uplift the energy around you then when ready say:

"I do now claim back my power and sovereignty. With blessings from Universe (God/Goddess), I move forward now in light and freedom. With harm to none, so mote it be. Blessed Be."

Flush the ash and any remnants of the cord down the toilet. Let your candle burn all the way out.

More useful spells can be found in Mystical Dragon’s Book Of Shadows.