Add Energy to Spiritual Goals Spell

Increase Energy to your Spiritual Goals Spell

Help your spiritual goals to manifest faster by giving them a boost of energy with this spell.

Best Timing

This spell is perfect for any New, Full Moon or Waxing Moon

Required Items

  1. Three herbs from the list below
  2. A piece of paper and pen
  3. A circle of cheesecloth material (I use a bread and butter plate as a template)
  4. A piece of ribbon or cord
  5. A piece of Amethyst or Labradorite tumbled crystal
  6. A white candle (a ‘wish’ candle works well)


The first job for the Add Energy to Spiritual Goals Spell is to set your intent around how you would like to expand on a spiritual level. Do you want a better meditation routine? Improved clairvoyance? Getting to know Guides better? Become a better tarot reader? Etc. Of course we need to put in action and practice these things, but we can also do a little spell to help add energy and motivation.

Once you have decided on your focus/goals, write down on a piece of paper the area(s) you most want to improve. Try to select no more than three to focus on for now, as when we have too many our energy can be divided in too many places to be truly effective.

Then select three herbs you feel most relate to you and your spiritual journey from the list below:

  • Anise (raises vibrations, good for astral travel, dreams, clairvoyance, meditation, divination)
  • Basil (protects from astral attack while you dream, connects to Dragons)
  • Bay (protective, brings inspiration and prophetic dreams)
  • Cinnamon (raises vibrations, opens intuition, helps bring prophetic dreams)
  • Eyebright (opens clairvoyance, assists seeing fairies)
  • Garlic (spiritual protection)
  • Ginger (helps clear delusions, brings a true picture of what is occurring)
  • Lemon Grass (aids psychic abilities, clears the mind)
  • Mint/Peppermint (excellent for psychic matters, clears the mind)
  • Mugwort (aids clairvoyance, intuition, prophetic dreams)
  • Nutmeg (raises your vibration, opens intuition)
  • Poppy Seeds (for dreams, visions and clairvoyance)
  • Rosemary (for dreams, visions and protection)
  • Sandalwood (raises vibrations, intuition, clearing and protection)

The Process

Charge up your chosen herbs with your intent using both hands. Lay your circle of cheesecloth onto a flat surface (like your altar). Place about a teaspoon of each of your chosen herbs in the centre of your cheesecloth (while you could use more herbs than three, you don’t need to). Add your crystal on top. Pull up the sides of the cheesecloth to form a bag shape and wrap the top with your ribbon or cord to keep everything in.

Next run yourself a warm bath. Add your herb bag to the bath and allow it a few minutes to infuse in the water before you hop in. Soak in the bath, thinking about the things you wrote down. Take as long as you like soaking in the bath.

When you have finished your bath, dry off and get dressed. Then in your sacred space remove your crystal from the bag and put it at the base of your white candle and light it. See and feel those things you have written down – doing a great job reading for others; meditating every morning, etc.

This is a good time (but optional) to invoke someone like Goddess Rhiannon or the God Horus, or another divinity you feel drawn to. Ask them to

“bless me, protect me and guide me as I journey forward on my spiritual journey. With harm to none, blessed be”.

You could burn some more of your chosen herbs on a charcoal disk while your candle is burning all the way down. You could even burn it in the future as an incense during meditation or other spiritual work. Plus you could burn what you have written down and carry your crystal with you in future as you do your spiritual work once it has charged up with your candle. xx

More useful spells can be found in Mystical Dragon’s Book Of Shadows.