Spiritual Philosophy

Mystical Dragon’s Spiritual Philosophy

Spiritual Beings, also known as Light Workers or Spiritualists, are those who have volunteered to help the planet and its population to heal. They are people like you and me with a strong calling to make a difference.

Many people in our culture think it strange when they hear about Spiritualists who carry on conversations with animals, plants, rocks and trees, in fact all of nature. For millions of years our ancestors survived well doing this. Now, in this so called civilized world where people no longer communicate with the plants and those who share it with us, we find ourselves in the midst of ecological catastrophes. That in itself should be enough to make us wonder which cultural assumptions are the most sane.

Now, of course, we no longer live in Tribal cultures. Where our ancestors gathered around a fire at night to be dazzled by the mystic tales of warriors and medicine women, and sink into the safety of beliefs that brought meaning. Television has become the “hearth” around which we all sit. Our children are raised on the mythology of advertisers. These promoters tell their tales well, with great skill and persuasion, yet their stories are majorly lacking from those of old. Rather than nourishing us from the inside and empowering our lives, they undermine our power and instead encourage us to place our power into the hands of the commercial world who would have us believe that the only way we can be free is to buy whatever it is that they are selling us.

Certainly, we live in different times and have different challenges. We no longer have concerns of finding the next animal that will be our next meal and clothe us. Today’s challenges are far greater. The Lightworkers of today struggle with questions like “how do we move forward as a global community faced with progressive extinction of animals and plant species on a massive scale?” and “How do we recover our own power and experience our own freedom when the political and economic systems we have created are structured in a way that makes us feel powerless?”

As Spiritual Beings, it is time to embrace our journey into individual maturity by learning to activate our own consciousness. Learning to expand from our old five sensory selves to that of the multi-dimensional beings that we are meant to be. It is time that we made the leap. Each one of us. Into our own power and our own freedom. To learn to build powerful bridges to the truth of our own soul. It is time to expand our vision, to help to heal the wounds in ourselves, in others and in our planet.

It is no longer appropriate for us to rely on “outside experts”, with their fancy labels and numerous certificates – whether they be scientists, doctors, priests or politicians. We can listen to their words, but we can no longer follow them blindly as we once did. For their discoveries are not only wiping out our trust in every religious, moral and political philosophy that we might have once clung to, they are turning our sense of reality upside down and providing us with nothing new in which to trust.

We believe people finding the sacredness of all life, on a wide scale, is central to our very survival as a species as well as to the survival of many plants and animals, perhaps the living Earth itself. For when we are disconnected from Global Consciousness / Oneness and largely unaware of the multi-dimensional universe of which we are a part, the decisions we make can never be made in true wisdom. Neither can we live in authentic power or find creative solutions to the spiritual and ecological challenges which face us.

Early man was naturally attuned to communion with the world around him. The dawn showered blessings upon him. The Moon had feelings. Lightning brought a message from the Gods. The Earth, the Universe, everything, was wild and free. When we connect with the spirits of nature their own energies resonate with ours, awakening us to their beauty and their power, nourishing us with a sense of endless possibility.

Part of our mission as Light Workers, as Spiritual Beings, is to explore the nature of reality and skillfully make use of energy for the benefit of all beings both seen and unseen that people the Universe.

It is truly our job to reconnect back to ourselves. To remember who we are and what great gifts we carry inside. And then, once we have remembered, to pass this knowledge on to the next person, and the next, and the next. When we remember such things as the power of intention, we can quite literally work miracles. Even more powerful than focusing your intention for personal ends is the power we have when we focus our intention together with the intention of others in a shared vision. Thanks to the way the Universe is one, our spirit friends are our partners, and our shared vision can reshape the future of the planet.

In the world we live in, where ecological disaster seems to follow ecological disaster, this is our greatest challenge. To work together as one. It could also be our greatest joy, if we allow it. The future of the planet may well rest in the hands of visions we share with others. By connecting with the deepest levels of our own soul, envisioning a future in which each of us has a unique role to play, merging our compassion, focus and intention for Mother Earth, we can and will make a difference.

And it is the Light Workers who need to lead the way. We need to shine brightly with our inborn gifts and guide others how to awaken their own abilities. We need to remind the rest of humanity that in the infinity of life all is perfect, whole, and complete. Many have simply forgotten the truth of their being.

We at Mystical Dragon have taken up the challenge of being one of those who lead the way. Holding our torch up high and moving forward in our truth. We do not proclaim to have all the answers, but we know it is time to acknowledge and use our inborn gifts and touch others in a positive way. It is indeed our mission to share what knowledge we have, and provide somewhere for others to share their wisdom as well. We believe that this is the only way forward into an enlightened, peaceful future.