Spirituality and What it means

Audrey is one of Mystical Dragon’s trusted and gifted teachers. She is highly intuitive, a qualified Counsellor, Reiki master, and certified Hypnotherapist who sees clients for a variety of services including general and spiritual counselling, readings, and healings. Audrey is also a passionate teacher and currently trains Crystal, Tarot, Chakra, and Reiki courses.

“What does spirituality actually mean?” I am often asked this question during my healing sessions and I always answer that basically it is “being at one with yourself” but I also feel it is so much more than that. Spirituality can have a thousand different meanings for a thousand different people, it is such an individual state of mind, body and soul. Does it relate to religion or culture? Is it something you are born with or do you have to search for it? The meaning of Spirituality could be debated for years to come without any clear or defining answer but I would like to share my understanding of it with you.

World renowned author and spiritualist, Deepak Chopra said “Religion is belief in someone else’s experience. Spirituality is having your own experience.” I couldn’t agree more. I feel spirituality is having that beautiful blend of mind, body and soul all balanced within yourself. It’s knowing who you are and being at peace with yourself. No one is perfect but if we can’t accept ourselves as we are, then how can we expect others to? I feel we are always a work in progress, constantly evolving and learning with every life experience, whether that is seen as good or bad. We need to be kinder to ourselves, we didn’t come into this world with an instruction booklet on life so we need to allow ourselves to make the odd error of judgement here and there as we travel on our life journey. That is what life is about isn’t it, learning and moving on. How do we know what happy is if we never experience unhappiness. How do we recognise the good souls in our lives if we don’t meet a few not so good souls. It’s the balance of life itself that forms us and makes us who we are and who we are is our essence of spirituality.

Imagine for a moment if you were to sit in a rainforest, with no phones, radios, ipads, cars and no other people, just in solitary silence and lost in nature, do you think your mind would relax and you would breathe in the tranquillity around you or would you, after a while, sit there and begin worrying about your everyday issues? Bills, deadlines, housework, work issues, your children’s needs and wants, would they all flood your mind and prevent you from seeing what is around you, the beauty of nature at its most peaceful. Would you miss that opportunity to experience a moment of bliss and serenity, a spiritual moment. At one with nature and yourself.

I don’t think anyone can just float through life on a fluffy white cloud with not a care in the world but I do believe it is possible for us to have that balance of knowing when to stop, breathe and feel rather than just dashing from one appointment or commitment to another. Having those moments, as in meditation, to collect our thoughts with no external interruptions can be lifesavers in these busy times and lifestyles we lead today.

To be spiritual is to breathe, to just be, to truly relax your body and take in how you are feeling, how you are reacting, how you are interacting with others. Spirituality is all about working from the heart, not the ego. It’s being kind and thoughtful, leaving aside feelings of jealousy or bitterness. It’s being content and peaceful without losing your drive to improve yourself on a daily basis. It’s about sharing, helping others, combining skills to benefit those we share our lives with without trying to prove you are better than anyone else. To constantly boast of your talents and skills to others is really just trying to convince yourself of your own self importance and highlights insecurity within yourself. A spiritual person works from the heart, is confident without being patronising or condescending and is happy to do the best they can and accept that they can’t solve everything for everyone. We are all on our own individual life paths and while we interact with others and learn and grow from their input into our lives, at the end of the day we are responsible for ourselves and our own attitudes. We can’t change other people’s attitudes as that is their responsibility and ownership but we can change how we ourselves react to their attitudes and behaviour.

Spirituality is about striving to be your best as a human being and hoping that your own attitude may influence others in a positive way. I don’t mean in any way that by having that belief should mean you feel your attitude is superior to others, however I do strongly believe that if we all took responsibility for our own attitude then we can all learn a thing or two from each other. We should all blend together, accept ourselves and others and those we can’t accept into our lives for one reason or another, then take the lessons learned, gather the wisdom and move on in peace.

Life is a roller-coaster. It has its trials and its sorrows. It tests us constantly and can bring us to our knees in an instant through tragedy and illness but it is how we react after our initial shock and reaction that is important. Do we become bitter, angry and resentful of life and the people in it or do we learn life lessons and move on with a good heart and the knowledge we remained true to ourselves and our own ethics and values.

I have had my fair share of life disappointments and trials, I don’t compare them to others experiences, it’s not a competition of suffering, it is purely my life as it is, my journey so far. Every event contributes to my spiritual growth towards peace and understanding. If anyone was to ask me if I was spiritual, I would say yes, I am. I am grateful for every single life moment, I appreciate my life and everyone and everything in it, even the so called ‘negative’ times because they just amplify the qualities of the positive times of which there are so many. I feel peaceful inside even though I know I have made ‘mistakes’ and could have, with hindsight, handled some life situations differently but would I change any of it? No, I wouldn’t because my life is my life. It has got me through almost 57 years and I am happy where I am right now. Every day is a blessing, everyone and everything I encounter each day is a blessing, I live in this moment right now, absorbing all it is and has to offer.

Life is beautiful. The world in which we live is beautiful. Being at peace with yourself is beautiful. Being grateful is beautiful. Living in the moment and experiencing all that it is offering you is beautiful.

To me, that is Spirituality.”

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