Auset Temple Healing Program

Our Auset Temple Healing Program

Auset Temple Healing was founded by Elisabeth Jensen to provide professional level training in a remarkably effective healing system. The courses are a very effective and highly researched system of healing for yourself and others with advanced levels for the serious spiritual seeker and professional healer. (NB: A indicates one or more prerequisites exist)

Angel Miracles Psychic

Learn to quickly communicate with Angels. Ninety percent of people can see angels and auras at the first level of the course PLUS receive angel energy attunements to connect with angels and open the third eye.

Auset Egyptian Temple Healing

Secret Ancient Egyptian Healing Codes for Modern Day Miracles. Auset Egyptian Temple Healing is based on a very ancient and powerful Healing and Alchemy system used 49,000 years ago in Egypt channelled to Elisabeth Jensen by The Goddess Auset plus the God Tehuti (Thoth).

Information On The Founder Of Auset Temple Healing, Elisabeth Jensen

image of Auset Temple Healing founder and teacher elisabeth jensen

Elisabeth Jensen is the founder of Auset Temple Healing (formerly Isis Mystery School). She is a gifted spiritual healer, medical intuitive, psychic medium, Archangel and Divinity Channel and mystic, was blessed to have had a sudden spiritual awakening in early 1992 when she spontaneously received a miracle healing by an Angel. Long standing major physical and emotional problems disappeared in his bright white light and overnight she became a remarkable clairvoyant and healer. Her partner received a dramatic physical healing at the same time, so although Elisabeth had no understanding of psychics or healers she was forced to start researching spontaneous healings and the spirit world.

Elisabeth trained as a Registered Nurse, Midwife and Community Health Nurse. She worked as an Intensive Care then Palliative Care Nurse and was one of the first Nurse Practitioners in Australia. Denying her natural medical intuitive and mediumship abilities however meant Elisabeth was often sick, in pain and depressed without realising it was her patient’s pain and the lost souls around her causing many of her health problems. Having both experienced and witnessed so many challenges, losses and grief it gives Elisabeth great joy to now find answers and resolution through her psychic mediumship and healing abilities.

Her MANY energy healing studies included training as a Therapeutic Touch Teacher (Krieger-Kunz Method), Healing Touch Practitioner, Reiki Master, and several other well known healing systems. Elisabeth has also studied many channelling and psychic development courses including Advanced Angel Intuitive/Angel Therapy and Mediumship Courses in the USA with Doreen Virtue PhD. Elisabeth has also completed Basic Level Feng Shui Studies with The International College of Intuitive Sciences and is also the resident Property Whisperer for News Corp.

Another profound mystical healing experience in the Great Pyramid of Egypt in 2003 saw Elisabeth blessed with the ability to transmit and teach her own system of highly effective Auset Egyptian Temple Healing. Elisabeth has taught all over Australia, in Singapore, UK, USA, Egypt, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. She also leads Sacred Journeys to Egypt. Elisabeth now focuses mainly on teaching self healing through miracle creation in her Angel Miracles Psychic courses plus training professional healers, psychics and teachers in Australia and Asia in her Auset Egyptian Temple Healing teachings. Her courses are well recognised professionally.

All information on Elisabeth Jensen and Auset Egyptian Temple Healing courses courtesy of Elisabeth Jensen