Our Dragon Program

Mystical Dragon’s Dragon Program

Dragons are far more than imaginary creatures, THEY ARE REAL! Dragons have existed longer than humankind has been incarnated in the physical world. Because of this, they are like the trees, full of ancient knowledge and the incredible wisdom of centuries. Dragons are powerful and very protective Elemental Beings that once existed in our physical world but now mainly only exist in the astral planes. The same place that Spirit Guides and deceased loved ones reside.

Luckily for us, Dragons tend to be very curious beings, so when a human goes looking to connect to a Dragon, they find themselves at least wanting to find out why! Dragons are creatures to be respected and friends to be treasured. Anyone looking to unlock the door to Dragons need look no further! (An asterisk indicates one or more prerequisites exist)


Dragons are beautiful, wise, and wondrous energies that can assist us greatly in our lives and as our friends. They can take some time to develop our trust as humans have treated them, and Mother Earth that they hold in such reverence and love, with such disrespect and vulgarity that many Dragons have turned their back on our race. This is evident in how few Dragons now remain on the physical plane with us as Komodo Dragons, Bearded Dragons, etc.