Mystical Dragon’s Embracing Witchcraft Program

Our Embracing Witchcraft Program

Mystical Dragon’s Embracing Witchcraft Program allows you to study at your own pace. To be presented with your framed certificate and gift, you must have completed 20 workshops, two of the three assignments and attended a minimum of two open circles (having an official speaking role at one).

The program will take you deep in to the heart of witchcraft. What it is, what it means to be a witch, and how to embrace the lifestyle of one connected to the elements, the seasons, and the magick! You do not have to be stuck in medieval times to adopt and work successfully with the ‘Old Ways’. It is possible to take these laws, ethics, and belief systems and bring them into the 21st century to create a more harmonious and healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family.

The Embracing Witchcraft program, is dedicated to rediscovering and reawakening the journey of love and respect for ourselves, our connection to Spirit and our wondrous Earth. We then feel connected on all levels of our being and re-discover the sacred in ourselves and in all that surrounds us.

The Path of Witchcraft

The path of Witchcraft and spirituality is about moving from a simple conviction or belief to a reality that we live and breathe every single day. A life that brings heartfelt reverence and respect for all of life. Rather than having these ways imposed on us it’s about creating this magickal way of life for ourselves. About following the path of the heart, of love, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, sharing, and gratitude. It brings deep heartfelt connections to the Earth which brings us closer to understanding ourselves and trusting our intuition and helps us to foster a sense of belonging and Love for all things while reminding us that we are part of the Divine whole.

Many Witches who study the traditional paths acknowledge that one must study the path of a Witch for a minimum of the turn of a Wheel (a year and a day) before they can be taken seriously by the wider Wiccan community and can initiate themselves as a Witch. This program, and the way it has been structured, is the perfect way to accomplish such an initiation period and offers an opportunity for students to self-dedicate in a very special group ritual at its completion.

Participation in the Program

To participate in the Embracing Witchcraft Program, you will need to fill out an enrolment form. There are no additional fees for participation, as all our workshops are individually priced. Once enrolled, your next step is to book into the specific workshop you are next able to attend. At your first workshop, you will receive a folder and sign off sheet to track what you have completed.

There are no prerequisites however we recommend you have done some study/reading on witchcraft. Our FREE Introduction to Witchcraft seminar is a good place to begin.

Mystical Dragon’s Embracing Witchcraft Program in Detail

All workshops are offered individually as well as part of this program. Detailed information on individual workshops listed here can be found by following their link. Most incorporate group discussion, spell work, guided meditation, and hands-on activity. Students can begin the Certificate Program at any time during the year. Each workshop is scheduled to run face to face once a year. The program is also available via our Correspondence College. This gives students the ability to choose to do the program entirely face to face, or entirely on Correspondence, or a combination of both. Students need to book for the individual workshops as they intend to do them.

Assignments are handed out at the end of the specific workshops they relate to. All assignments must be submitted to Mystical Dragon in hard copy format no later than August 31 of the year you wish to graduate. Within the assignments students need to ensure all components are covered sufficiently or they will be returned without being passed. The focus in assignments is on students experience rather than massive amounts of research. Students are not required to submit a certain format (i.e. not university format) but are required to include references to whatever they have used in their own research. We include assignments in this program as a way to encourage students to begin doing some of the practical components from what they have learned rather than just studying and learning. Should an assignment be handed back without being passed the student is able to resubmit again.

All of Mystical Dragon’s teachers have followed the path of witchcraft for a number of years and each bring their unique perspective to the topics they teach. In this way students may gain a wider range of experience, thought and inspiration.

“When I found the path of Witchcraft at the age of 13, I felt like I had ‘come home’. Connecting to Mother Earth, to Nature, to the Elements, the Seasons and the Moon gave me such peace and comfort. The ancient myths and traditions are intriguing to delve into, plus there is herb lore, colours, divination, crystals and so much more knowledge always waiting to be soaked up!! I consider Witchcraft a beautiful way of life, rather than simply a religion. It is all about embracing the world around us everyday – connecting with the seasons, animals, plants, and the often unseen world of Deity, Elementals and Spirit.”

Amanda Godfrey