Advanced Psychic Development Diploma Program

Our Advanced Psychic Development Diploma Program

Mystical Dragon’s Advanced Psychic Development Diploma Program allows you to study Psychic Development at your own pace. To be presented with your framed certificate and gift you must have completed a minimum of six of the courses listed below.

It is our belief and long running experience that everyone is innately psychic, but for most bringing this ability into conscious awareness is a process. To aid those who are ready to develop their psychic abilities and understand how their intuition is working for them, Mystical Dragon developed its Psychic Development courses. Our highly acclaimed and comprehensive courses can guide and help you to develop on so many levels, not only spiritually. These courses become a personal journey of awakening.

Mystical Dragon finds that many of its students “dip their toe into the water” with Psychic Development level one and find themselves drawn into the whole Psychic Development training program! Watching with amazement, we love to see how our students evolve and develop in such powerful and profound ways and we acknowledge that the student who arrived at class on day one is never the same student who graduates at the end. Thus the Advanced Psychic Development Diploma program was born to reward our students who make the commitment to themselves and finish our entire course of study.

Participation in the Program

There are no pre-requisites to enter the diploma program, however the Beginners Develop Psychic Self workshop is highly recommended. It is available several times across the year. Students can begin the program at any time during the year. There are no additional fees to participate in this diploma program aside from the individual course fees .

Students are issued a progress sheet which is signed off as each course is completed. Each student is expected to book themselves into individual courses when they are ready to move forward. After enrolling in the program, any qualifying training courses that you complete will be added to your certificate at graduation. It is up to you as an individual whether you do the minimum required to pass or wish to do more to extend yourself.

Our Diploma Program in Detail

In order to complete the Advanced Psychic Development Diploma program and be presented with your certificate students must complete all the training requirements outlined below. Students are considered to have begun the program from the first day of their first course. All courses/workshops are offered individually as well as part of this program. Detailed information on individual courses/workshops listed here can be found by following their link. Students can begin the Certificate Program at any time during the year. Students need to book in for the individual courses/workshops as they intend to do them. There is no time limit on completing the Advanced Psychic Development diploma. Students who work consistently at their training take 2-3 years to complete the minimum requirements.

Students who complete this program will be presented with a framed certificate and special gift at Mystical Dragon’s Annual Beltane Ball. If you are unable to attend our Annual Ball we can present it to you in store.

Diploma Training Requirements