Mystical Dragon’s Witchcraft Program

Our Witchcraft and Magick Program

Both Witchcraft and Mystical Dragon’s Witchcraft Program are centred around a reverence and kinship with nature. Witches believe that Earth is a divine manifestation and all of nature constantly speaks to us if only we will listen. Our temples are the forest, beaches, deserts, and gardens. We believe that when we lose touch with our blessed planet, we lose touch with all that is divine.

Witchcraft doesn’t claim to be the “One True Way” but that every person has their own path to follow, and all paths inevitably finish at the same place. We, therefore, have respect for individual choices of faith. Because of this, the assumption is that people who can benefit from the ‘Old Religion’ will “find their way home” when the time is right. You can study each topic individually or as a part of Mystical Dragon’s Embracing Witchcraft Program.

Elements & Elementals

The natural elements of our physical world are Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Being with and understanding our natural elements creates a deeper connection with Mother Earth and strengthens our magick.

The Sabbats

The eight Sabbats of a Witch represent the turning of the Wheel of the year. They help us to honour and connect with the current season and be more conscious of our natural environment.

Magickal Workings

There are many ways you can work your magick and spells, such as using candles, herbs, or crystals as a focus, following the Moon and more.

Magickal Tools

You can create so many of your tools for Witchcraft. Making them yourself imbues them with an extra powerful energy and a personal connection.

Witchcraft Foundations

There are so many aspects to walking the path of a witch that it can become confusing. Some recommended topics are listed here as being good places for you to start.

Open Circles

We hold open circles (rituals) to celebrate every second Sabbat (the Solstices and Equinoxes). These circles are free and open to the public to join.

Mystical Dragon’s Witchcraft Program Mentors


A Brief History of Witchcraft

Witchcraft had its organised beginnings in Palaeolithic times, co-existed with other Pagan “country” religions in Europe, and had a profound influence on early Christianity. In the medieval period, tremendous persecution was directed against the nature religions by the Roman Church. Over a span of about 300 years many men, women and children were hanged, drowned or burned as accused “witches.” The Church accused them of black magic and Satan worship though in fact these were never a part of the Old Religion.

The practitioners of witchcraft went underground, to practice in small, secret groups called “covens”. For the most part witchcraft stayed hidden until very recent times. Scholars such as Gerald Gardner and Raymond Buckland shed some light on the origins of the craft through publishing some of their writings and teachings plus new attitudes of religious freedom have allowed witchcraft to begin becoming more open again.