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Spirit Elements And Elementals.

Be introduced to the element of Spirit and meet two of the Elemental Beings connected to the realm of ether, Angels, and the Galactic Brotherhood. Spirit is an Element that all too often gets forgotten but is just as important as Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

SPIRIT! Lifting our vibrations skywards and connecting with the unseen worlds. The element of Spirit fills us with light and heady energy, often making us feel ungrounded and spacey, but it opens and balances all of our chakras and pushes us to work with love and authenticity. A strong emotional and spiritual connection with the elements can empower our everyday life and open us to a whole new dimension of beings that work beyond our physical world, but how do we embrace this energy?

We can also get to know the Elemental beings, the children of the Elements, who share the Earth with us and know each of the Elements intimately. In this workshop something of their mystical, magickal energy will touch your heart and if you are lucky, tickle you all over!! Elemental Beings are conscious energies connected to the elements. They are not physical in nature, though they do have direct effects on the physical world. These beings have certain qualities, natures, moods and magickal purpose and working with the Elemental Beings is the best way to become familiar with them and the Elements they are connected to. These beings are quite powerful and frequently work with those of us who are open to them.

A 3 hour Spirit Elements & Elementals short course

  • 10am to 1pm Saturday November 16, 2019

Overview: Spirit Element & Elementals short course

Enrolment Eligibility
What is Provided
  • Refreshments
  • Reference Material
  • Material to create a magickal tool
What to Bring
  • Pen and paper
Course Duration
  • 3 hours
Student Capacity
  • 18 Students per course
Cost of Spirit Elements & Elementals $60
Consisting of:
  • $30 non-refundable enrolment fee
  • $30 payable by beginning of course
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Next Spirit Elements & Elementals courses
at Mystical Dragon College
  • 10am to 1pm
    Saturday November 16, 2019
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Your Course Facilitator

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This workshop can be studied individually or as part of the Embracing Witchcraft Certificate Program.

Topics Covered In This Spirit Element short course

  • What are the elements?
  • What are elemental beings?
  • Embracing the element of Spirit
  • Spirit characteristics and associations (colours, astrological signs, plane, senses, herbs and trees, animals, etc)
  • The Spirit Elemental altar
  • Introducing an Elemental Being: Angels
  • Introducing an Elemental Being: The Galactic Brotherhood
  • Practical exercises to connect with Angels and the Galactic Brotherhood
  • Decorate and charge your own element Spirit candle, a magickal tool to help you connect to this element in future

About Your Facilitator

Harmony feels such a connection to the elements and her family heritage back in Italy. Witch Craft has been in her blood for generations and being able to connect to it has been a blessing in this lifetime. She loves finding new ways to connect to the world around her, whether it be through potions, spells, magick or even through cooking. Harmony also finds herself drawn to Shamanic practices which she incorporates in her Craft and in her healing work. Being able to connect to her heritage through witch craft has been so amazing and she sees herself as very lucky to be sharing this passion with others.

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