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Mystical Dragon's Embracing Witchcraft Program

This is a program you study at your own pace and complete within three (3) years of commencement (or sooner if you wish). It will take you deep into the heart of what witchcraft is, what it means to be a witch and how to embrace the lifestyle of one connected to the elements, the seasons, and the magick! You do not have to be stuck in medieval times to adopt and work successfully with the 'Old Ways'. It is possible to take these laws, ethics, and belief systems and bring them into the 21st century to create a more harmonious and healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family.

The Embracing Witchcraft program, is dedicated to rediscovering and reawakening the journey of love and respect for ourselves, our connection to Spirit and our wondrous Earth. We then feel connected on all levels of our being and re-discover the sacred in ourselves and in all that surrounds us.

The path of Witchcraft and spirituality is about moving from a simple conviction or belief to a reality that we live and breathe every single day. A life that brings heartfelt reverence and respect for all of life. Rather than having these ways imposed on us it's about creating this magickal way of life for ourselves. About following the path of the heart, of love, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, sharing, and gratitude. It brings deep heartfelt connections to the Earth which brings us closer to understanding ourselves and trusting our intuition and helps us to foster a sense of belonging and Love for all things while reminding us that we are part of the Divine whole.

Your Witchcraft Facilitators

Overview Of Embracing Witchcraft Certificate Program

Course Duration
  • up to 36 months
Variable Cost
All workshops are individually priced. There are no additional fees outside of the individual workshop fees to participate in this program.
Your Program Commences…
  • When you are ready
Mystical Dragon College
22 Heversham Drive
Seaford (South East Melbourne)
Victoria Australia 3198
Phone: +61 3 9782 5091
What is Provided
  • Please see individual workshops for more information on what is provided at these events
  • A progress sheet which needs to be signed off as each task is completed.
  • Students who complete this program will be presented with a framed certificate and special gift at Mystical Dragon's Annual Beltane Ball.
  • Students who complete the program will also be given the option to self initiate at the Litha Open Circle following their graduation.
Enrolment Eligibility
  • While there are no prerequisites students are recommended to have done some reading on witchcraft. The FREE Introduction to Witchcraft seminar is a good lead in to this program.
What to Bring
  • paper and pen
Please note
  • In order to complete this program and be presented with your certificate students must complete 22 workshops, 3 assignments and attend a minimum of 2 open circles (calling a corner at 1) within 36 months of beginning the program.

Many Witches who study the traditional paths acknowledge that one must study the path of a Witch for a minimum of the turn of a Wheel (a year and a day) before they can be taken seriously by the wider Wiccan community and can initiate themselves as a Witch. This program, and the way it has been structured, is the perfect way to accomplish such an initiation period and offers an opportunity for students to self-dedicate in a very special group ritual at its completion.

Structure of Embracing Witchcraft Certificate Program

This program consists of 22 workshops, 3 assignments, and 2 open circles (calling a corner at 1) all completed within 36 months of beginning the program. Students are considered to have begun the program upon completion of their first workshop.

Sabbat Workshops (all required)
The Sabbat of Lughnasadh (Feb 2, 2019)
The Sabbat of Mabon (Mar 16, 2019)
The Sabbat of Samhain (Apr 27, 2019)
The Sabbat of Yule (Jun 22, 2019)
The Sabbat of Imbolc (Jul 27, 2019)
The Sabbat of Ostara (Sep 21, 2019)
The Sabbat of Beltane (Oct 26, 2019)
The Sabbat of Litha (Dec 14, 2019)
Magick Workshops (all required)
Introduction to Candle Magick (Feb 23, 2019)*
Introduction to Protection Magick (Apr 13, 2019)
Introduction to Moon Magick (May 25, 2019)
Introduction to Plant Magick (Jul 13, 2019)*
Introduction to Crystal Magick (Nov 16, 2019)
Open Circles
Mabon (Mar 16, 2019)
Yule (TBA)
Ostara (TBA)
Litha (TBA)
Elements and Elementals Workshops (all required)
Fire - Phoenix and Centaurs (Feb 23, 2019)*
Air - Pegasus and Faeries (Apr 13, 2019)*
Water - Merpeople and Water Sprites (May 25, 2019)*
Earth - Dryads and Gnomes (Jul 13, 2019)*
Spirit - Angels and the Galactic Brotherhood (Nov 16, 2019)
Other Workshops (all required)
The Witches Circle (Aug 17, 2019)
The Witches Tools (Aug 17, 2019)
Other Workshops (select 2)
Making Magick Wands (Mar 23, 2019)
Weave your own Dreamcatcher (Apr 27, 2019)
Decorate your Book of Shadows (Mar 23, 2019)
Potions and Tinctures (May 11, 2019)
Charms and Talismans (May 11, 2019)

The workshops incorporate group discussions, spell work, guided meditations, and hands on practical activities. Please see individual pages for further information on the workshops. All workshops are offered individually as well as part of this program. Students can begin the Certificate Program at any time during the year. Each workshop is scheduled to run once a year. Students need to book in for the individual workshops as they intend to do them.

Assignments are handed out at the end of the specific workshops they relate to. Workshops with assignments connected to them are highlighted with an asterisk (*). All assignments must be submitted to Mystical Dragon in hard copy format no later than August 31 st of the year the student is looking to graduate. Within their assignments students need to ensure all components are covered sufficiently or they will be returned without being passed.

Students who have previously studied the Embracing Witchcraft 12 month course will find some elements of these workshops the same as those already studied however these students are eligible for a discount on the programs workshops they would like to attend.

About Your Program Facilitators

Amanda Godfrey is the founder of Mystical Dragon and created the Embracing Witchcraft program. Harmony Carbone, Raylee Pandur and Amanda Godfrey are the teachers of the workshops for the program in 2019. These ladies have each been personally following the path of witchcraft for quite a number of years and each bring their own unique perspective to the workshops and topics they teach. We feel that by utilizing more than 1 teacher for this program students gain a greater amount of experience, thoughts and inspiration for their own practices. See individual webpages or brochures for who is teaching what workshop and more on each teacher’s background.


Amanda says
“When I found the path of Witchcraft at the age of 13, I felt like I had ‘come home’. Connecting to Mother Earth, to Nature, to the Elements, the Seasons and the Moon gave me such peace and comfort. The ancient myths and traditions are intriguing to delve into, plus there is herb lore, colours, divination, crystals and so much more knowledge always waiting to be soaked up!! I consider Witchcraft a beautiful way of life, rather than simply a religion. It is all about embracing the world around us everyday - connecting with the seasons, animals, plants, and the often unseen world of Deity, Elementals and Spirit.”

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