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Faery and Mermaid Magick: A Lucy Cavendish workshop.

Re-ignite the joy, creativity, wisdom and freedom of the faeries and mermaids! Brimming with earthy and oceanic teachings this workshop can bring you closer to the protective, loving and playful mermaid guardians and faery allies who may be working with you. Delve into these elemental realms to help you open and begin to relate to, and communicate with, these compassionate, wise beings and their energies in clear direct ways, awakening your own elemental energies. Lucy will share powerful, simple and joyful techniques which may enrich your life, and make every day sparkle with enchantment.

Join us as we walk Faery paths, learn the legends and the lessons of the merbeings, and rediscover their wild wisdom deep within ourselves. Awaken your own magicks and return safely to the wider world with a richer knowledge of your own sacred connection to these elemental beings and the traits you may share with them, the spirits of the sea and of the land, and the wild wisdom that is your birthright!

Connecting with the faery assists you in your work with the cycles of the planet, guides you in preparation for the earth changes coming, stimulates and deepens your connection to your soul. All in ways that are simple, joyful, profound, and full of love. Working with the energies of the mermaids and the great oceanic energies of the planet will re-connect you with your freedom, sensuality, joy and sisterhood. The special relationship that you have with the faeries and mermaids is needed more than ever before, and your fae-rediscovery will heal, excite, delight and stimulate your body, mind, and soul. Both as a unique individual on this planet with a purpose, and as a being in relationship with the web of life.

A 1 day Faery and Mermaid Magick workshop

  • 10am to 5pm Saturday June 15, 2019 Sold Out

Overview: Faery and Mermaid Magick workshop

Enrolment Eligibility
  • No prerequisites.
What is Provided
  • Refreshments
  • Reference Material
What to Bring
  • Your lunch
  • A journal or book of shadows
  • Pen
  • Your
    • Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle, or
    • Oracle of the Mermaids, or
    • Oracle of the Dragonfae, or
    • Faery Forest Oracle
Workshop Duration
  • 1 day
Student Capacity
  • 50 Students per course
Cost of Faery and Mermaid Magick workshop $220
Consisting of:
  • $100 non-refundable enrolment fee
  • $120 payable by beginning of workshop
Accepted Payment Methods
  • Online: PayPal (account or credit card)
  • In Person: Cash, VISA or MasterCard
Next Faery and Mermaid Magick workshop
at Mystical Dragon College
  • 10am to 5pm Sold Out
    Saturday June 15, 2019
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Your Mentor

image of lucy cavendish

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About Your Facilitator

Lucy Cavendish, internationally acclaimed spiritual author and intuition expert, exhibited strong extra-sensory abilities as a child. With no answers from school or mainstream religion Lucy set out on a personal quest to understand and develop her magickal gifts. Having grown up in Sydney, Australia, Lucy has lived in Paris, London and the United States. When not writing or speaking, you’ll find her surfing in the ocean, wandering deep a faery forest, or dancing with the spirits in an ancient stone circle.
An exciting, enchanting voice in the field of inspiration, Lucy is noted for her breadth and depth of knowledge on sacred rites and sites, magickal history, folklore, alternative spiritual practices and intuitive traditions. Lucy shares her knowledge and gifts to inspire intuitive people to break through their conditioning, open up to their potential, discover their own personal brand of genius and dare to live brave, bright, authentic lives.



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