Sunday Manifesting Spell

Sunday Manifesting Spell

The Sunday Manifesting Spell can help bring money, success, improve your career or help create what you wish for. It is adapted from an Ellen Dugan spell I found (Ellen has some amazing books I highly recommend).

Goddess Brigid

Best Timing

Sunday Manifesting Spell is best cast on a Sunday morning, even better if it is a Waxing Moon

Required Items

  1. A gold or yellow candle
  2. Pen and paper
  3. The crystal Golden Tigerseye and/or Carnelian
  4. An image or statue of Goddess Brigid (optional)
  5. Some fresh flowers, preferably Sunflowers, Carnations or Chrysanthemums (optional)

What to Do

Write down those things you wish to manifest/bring in to your life. This doesn’t need to be a huge list. In fact, it is better if it is focused on a few things you feel really strongly about. Once your list is written, fold it.

Charge up your candle and your crystals individually with your focus of manifesting these things you have written down. See it already here, feel what it would feel like to have them and affirm in your mind they are here. Then set your candle upon your altar/sacred space, place your crystal(s) at the base of the candle and slide your list under the candle. If you are using the image of Goddess Brigid, place her prominently on your altar near your candle along with your flowers.

When you are ready, centre yourself and say the following three times.

The Sunday Manifesting Spell Invocation

Sunday starts off the week with its bright golden glow,
 So I request now positive new energy for my life to grow.
 I light a gold or yellow candle to help ensure my success,
 And I call upon the Goddess Brigid, and ask my spell for her to Bless.
 Her light glows inside me, so from within my soul will shine,
 Leadership, health, and growth will all appear in good time.

Now light your candle and finish the invocation by saying:
“All the powers of three times three, With harm to none, Blessed be.”

Leave your candle to burn all the way out. It is nice to take some time to do some meditation, journal writing, star gazing, take a bath or watch the sunrise while it burns down. Once the spell is finished you can carry the crystals on you for the next few days or even tuck some of the flowers in your hair if you like to help carry some of Brigid’s energy with you. Try not to obsess over what you have asked for help creating in your life, but be open to the opportunities and signs that Universe will bring. xx