The Process of Smudging your Home

The following article has been written by Amanda Godfrey. Amanda is Mystical Dragon’s College Principal and channels messages from spirit which she shares regularly.

The Process of Smudging your Home

For this method you will need a smudge stick or some type of dried cleansing herbs to burn over a charcoal disk (sage, sandalwood, myrrh, frankincense, etc). Close all the doors and windows that lead outdoors. For best results, turn the phones off, remove any pets and other members of the household so that you won’t be disturbed.

Then start at the front door, light your smudge stick and call on Archangel Michael and any guides/angels/divinities that you feel will help you. Ask them to help you to clear the house of any lost, confused and negative energies. Ask Archangel Michael to cross over all lost and confused souls over the light. Walk around your home ending back at the front door (in this way you are “rounding up” and ushering out any unhealthy energies out the front door).

As you walk around your house know that any unwanted energies are being cleared from your space. Visualise the rooms being filled with white/gold light and positive energy. Ask for the angels to come and take any lost souls over to the light. Ensure you wave your smudge stick in every corner of every room, in large cupboards and wardrobes and waft the smoke under beds.

You can announce your intentions in each room out-loud or in your head but affirm the type of energy you are wanting to grow and create within your home.

Love and light and positivity may grow and settle within these walls.
All energies with the highest of intentions may visit and share their wisdom.
My ancestors may join us at the table and are always welcome to share their love here…

Know that this is your space and that you have the final say over who is allowed to come and go and who is welcome to stay. As you work acknowledge that there is only one entrance and exit in your home for those unseen friends and that it is the entrance that you are beginning and ending your cleansing work with today. All other doorways that lead outside (and this includes windows) are now sealed. Then once you return to your front door, walk out of the house and several steps beyond the door. Tell any spirit to leave now never to return. Don’t leave them on the doorstep!

When you are done, open doors and windows to allow lots of fresh air and light into the house. This will also help to reinforce what you have done.

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