The Sacredness Being Destroyed

Hello everyone. Amanda has asked if I would write a short article on the devastation which has occurred due to the Peninsula Link project. I had a very strong physical and spiritual connection to some of the areas which have been decimated. I’m sure many of you also held a similar connection to the sacredness being destroyed.

A 90 meter wide scar is being carved through some of the most important ecosystem on the Mornington Peninsula. A herb rich grassy plain wetland*, Belvedere reserve*, Pines flora and fauna reserve, Pobblebonk Wetlands*, Witternberg reserve*, Westerfields property, vast open grasslands through Baxter to Moorooduc* and Devilbend and tuerong creeks. Much of which is classified as threatened, endangered or rare.

These reserves form a very important corridor which still allows kangaroo and wallabies to move freely between grazing land. Large gum trees some over a century old provide important habitat to a small group of koala and a variety of possum, glider and bird species. Southern brown bandicoots live among heathy woodland. Large areas of over grown bracken provide insectivorous birds such as wren, robin and wag tail a rich variety of food and protection from predators. Many reptiles, echidna and birds of prey called these special areas home.

Many of these reserves contain healthy fragile wetlands some of which were old farmer’s dams that had become ideal habitat due to neglect. These amazing areas supported many native species including a huge variety of frog, bird and swamp rat. Frog call could be heard from many of these places sadly, this has become a thing of the past.

Ok I think we all get the picture of the sacredness which has been destroyed. We cannot dwell on this fact we must grieve for what has been lost and move forward in a productive manner. Our precious Earth Mother is calling for us to take action to help her heal in any way we can.

If you have some spare time join a local friends group such as the ‘Pines Protectors’ or ‘Action Sweetwater Creek’. These groups generally meet weekly or monthly.

Write letters to ministers or the media expressing your outrage for such destruction.

Remember we have two elections this year. Vote wisely.

Send as much healing as you can to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. She needs us more than ever.

Please don’t give up hope we all have the power to create real lasting change…

© Copyright to Mark Hodgson, but this article may be reproduced and distributed provided the author is acknowledged.