Thoughts on 2021 The Year Ahead

Amanda Godfrey shares her insights on the year ahead

I have been sitting with the energies of 2021 trying to get a feel for what to share with you all about this coming year. I will be honest with you. As much as I was ready to shed 2020, I have also been feeling cautious about tuning into this new year as I knew many issues that arose in 2020 weren’t going away in a hurry and so I wasn’t sure what I’d find was yet to come. Universe has been bringing some interesting messages that I have shared below for you.

2021 sees us moving into a Universal Numerology year of five (2+0+2+0=1=5)

In Numerology, we experience a “Universal Year” which changes every year on January 1st. The Universal Year is like a theme everyone is moving through all year long and is calculated by adding the numbers of the current year together.

Five is connected to freedom, adventure, fun, being social and change. This year more than ever before I feel we need to embrace change and adapt to new opportunities. Let’s face it, the world around us has changed and it’s not going back to ‘normal’. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Old ways of doing things are currently dissolving and new energy is certainly on the way. This is the time to review, update and explore new options and new ways of thinking. The highest expression of 5 energy is to open to new possibilities and have the fearlessness to take a new direction with focused commitment. Then as we get a feel for what direction is the right one for us, let go of what no longer serves.

This five energy will likely feel like a bit of a rollercoaster across the year, as it can be chaotic, with not just one change or challenge presented or one new way of doing or looking at something for us to digest but multiple changes thrown at us and often not when we feel prepared. It is also good to be aware that five energy can have a tendency to take addictions and radical behaviour to the extreme, so it is good to be mindful of our limits this year.

Five is also the sacred number of Goddess Auset (also known as Isis). My guidance is that this is not only a special year connected to Auset (a Divinity that holds a special place in my heart), but to all sacred Mothers and Goddesses. This is a year to especially connect to feminine energy, to call these divine energies in to help you, to heal you, to bless your life and to give them thanks and gratitude in the process. If the change you are being confronted with during this 5 year is very confronting to you, ask Auset (or Mother Mary, or Quan Yin or whichever Goddess resonates with you) to bring you comfort and to walk with you on the journey. It doesn’t always magickally ‘fix’ whatever is distressing you (because sometimes it’s just the lesson we are learning that requires us to be so uncomfortable), but you may find an easier way presents itself or you become calmer through the chaos, etc.

About the numbers ‘1’ and ‘2’

I am also told to speak to you about the numbers ‘1’ and ‘2’ which make up our year 2021. One is connected to leadership, forging ahead and new beginnings. So this year we will experience a lot of shake up and change to help create new beginnings but with the purpose for us to forge ahead and better ourselves. This is for us individually as well as collectively (globally). The number one always brings the opportunity to start again or to create a brand new chapter. Two on the other hand is connected to teamwork, pulling together, diplomacy and cooperation. So I feel this year has a strong element of working together, rather than blazing a trail all on your own. This also means giving a helping hand to one another rather than an attitude of every man (or woman) for themselves.

At last Solstice, on December 21st, we also saw the end of the Age of Pisces and we moved into the Age of Aquarius. This was a very significant shift and new beginning, which we will continue to experience for much time to come. This in itself heralds a time of change without anything else I’ve talked about here. My guidance is it will help bring in a new powerful time of spirituality and allowing your unique voice to be heard and expressed. So if you have been stifled in any way previously, now is the time to clear those blockages to self expression so you can share the wonderful loving energy that is you without needing to hide or reign yourself in.

Some final advice on 2021, a year with big potential.

  • I feel there will be times to “just ride the wave” and “go with the flow” but there will also be times to stand up for what you need to and set strong (but fair) boundaries.
  •  Definitely keep calling in the Goddesses to assist you throughout this year, they will absolutely help to smooth out the bumpy times and keep you focused where you need to be.
  • Stay heart-centred, take care of your community and those around you.
  • Try to be brave and fearless as you move through the changes that surface for you and remember that when one door closes another one always opens, sometimes the door may be in a different direction than you first thought.

May 2021 bring you love, friendship, happiness and prosperity xx

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