Tips to releasing for a strong year ahead

Hollie was one of Mystical Dragon’s trusted and gifted teachers. She is highly intuitive, graduated from our Embracing Witchcraft program, and is Auset Temple Healing and Reiki level 2 trained.

As a new teacher at Mystical Dragon, I thought I would begin by introducing myself. I have followed a witchcraft path for as long as I can remember, both seeing and connecting with spirit as well as working with herbs and crystals. It wasn’t until I met Amanda and Mystical Dragon 10 years ago that I actually realised the things I was doing, and the path I connected with was the path of a witch. My great aunt and great grandmother were both witches and passed before I knew them in this lifetime. I enjoy sharing my story and my path with the community at Mystical Dragon as I know how lost I felt before I found it. I have worked as a healer and reader at Mystical Dragon for the last couple of years and this year I will be teaching the eight sabbats of witchcraft workshops.

As 2016 came to a close I was positive that the lessons we had learnt and the changes we had all been through last year would have prepared us for a smooth transition into 2017. I believe the last couple of years were preparing us to take on our roles from 2017 onward. It has become clear over the past couple of weeks that the transition is still not complete and we are still in the process of it all smoothing out. I know some people, like myself, are still feeling tired, headaches, bumps in the road, and hurdles that we thought were behind us. I feel this is because the new year will officially start at the time of the witches’ new year at Samhain. I feel the next couple of months are not the same as the last couple of years, but rather a transition into the new you, and the new year.

So, what can you do to ensure you are ready for the new year? I have felt this is a time for us to release all that we don’t want to take with us to the next few years. This year is the start of a new transition and a new beginning in some ways. It is up to us as individuals which path we take and which direction we will go in. If we choose to stay where we are and sit in our rut then that is what we will do, and no matter how much the universe wants to push you forward, if you don’t want it yourself you will stay put. If you are ready to shed the old and prepared to embrace a more happy and powerful you, then it’s time to release!

Releasing is an individual thing and the way that you do it needs to be a way that works best for you. I use the elements in my releasing, I either speak, write and burn, bury or send to the water. Work out how you can release things from your past that you don’t wish to take with you to your future and go with it, work through it and prepare yourself.

Releasing isn’t about forgiving and forgetting, it is more about acknowledging what has happened, it is part of your past, and you no longer need it in your future. Once you have acknowledged it, it will become easier to release it. Know that when releasing it is not as simple as doing it once and thinking it is done. Some things sit very deep and need a lot of work to remove them. Remember if you are feeling that you can’t shift something maybe you need some assistance from an external person, there are lots of beautiful souls at Mystical Dragon that would be happy to assist you and can give you healing if you are feeling your energy levels are low.

When I release something, I sit quietly at my alter. Normally I will light a few candles and play some soft music. I will prepare myself in a meditated mind, where I am relaxed and in a space where I’m not thinking of the dishes, or washing, or what I need to do for work. I then get out some paper, normally just white paper, but sometimes a colour that relates to what I’m working on. I then think about what it is that I want to release. I write down everything that comes to my head, emotions, feelings, things that happened, things that relate to it, people that are involved, and everything that comes into my mind. I need to get it all out. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense. It is not for anyone to read, it is just for you, and you only! Once I feel like I have written enough I stop. I sit for a few more minutes just in the energy, knowing that I don’t have any of that on my shoulders any more. I often feel lighter. After doing this I burn it straight away from the candle on my altar. Once burnt I take the remains out to the garden and bury it in the earth.

The best time to do releasing is on a full moon. If you feel drawn to another day or time just do it then. Do what works best for you! I find when things are made easy, we are more likely to do it. It is appropriate at this time to also clear out things you no longer need in the house, around the yard, and in all areas of your life.

You will find you feel so much lighter come the end of April when we honour the sabbat of Samhain.

Blessed be, Hollie xxx