3 Tips To Having An Awesome Psychic Reading

My Top Three Tips To An Awesome Psychic Reading

In my experience the first time a person gets a reading they can be a bit nervous and not really sure of what to expect from it. Here are my Top 3 Tips on having an awesome Psychic Reading.

Tip Number 1: Have a good reason to need one!

The worst thing you can do, in my books, is organise to have a reading when you don’t really know what you want information about. I know that a lot of people come in and say “I’ll just go with whatever it is Spirit wants to say to me”. This can work but misses an important aspect of what is really going on in a reading. That is; it’s a conversation between you and Spirit. Your psychic reader is just the Go-Between or as I commonly say “I’m just a gloried radio; I receive and transmit”. From my own experience, as a psychic clairvoyant reader, many people seek a psychic reading to address issues involving their life, work and career, family, friends and relationships and also to connect with their spirit guides and to relations who have passed over.

Attending a reading prepared to participate in a conversation with Spirit means you’ll get way more out of it, than otherwise. Remember as the saying goes; ask a vague question, get a vague answer.

So preferably, have a reasonably good idea of what you are wanting to know or ask about. You can best prepare this by writing down some questions or topics you want to learn more about or get clarity on. Ideally take this along with you to your reading. You don’t (and shouldn’t) need to show your list of questions/topics to your psychic reader, you just keep it handy to double check your reading has addressed all your concerns. If you want more clarity on a question or topic, speak up and ask it. Having a set of questions or understanding a particular theme or topic that you want addressed will mean you will get targeted psychic information to resolve these issues. That way you’ll get all the detail Spirit can share with you regarding your issues. Essentially, being prepared for your reading and asking questions means that you will walk away with more information.

Tip Number 2: Choose a genuine psychic

There are a number of psychic gifts; the most common being clairvoyance (“the sight”), others include clairaudience, mediumship and psychometry, and many more. Read up on what these mean and decide if it’s the best way to connect to Spirit to address your questions. It will also help you to understand how your chosen psychic’s gift works with Spirit.

Next, find out whether or not your psychic reader is genuine. The easiest way to check this out is by contacting them and asking three questions.

  1. Are they a member of a professional association?
  2. Are they a registered business providing psychic readings?
  3. Do they have at least one years industry experience or training to develop their gift?

If you receive a YES to these questions you can be sure that your psychic reader is genuine. Professional associations require evidence of accuracy and ability of their registered clairvoyant and psychic readers via client testimonials. Knowing that your psychic reader has a registered business also gives you the confidence that they are not a scam or a sham reader. Having training and industry experience means the psychic reader knows how their gift works and will have provided many readings before yours.

Tip Number 3: Record your Psychic Reading

Before you attend your reading find out whether your reading will be recorded for you or if you should bring your own recording device or pen and paper. Very often readings contain a lot of useful information that may be too much to remember without the help of recording the reading. Psychic information can also be layered, meaning that the information is relevant in your current circumstance but will also develop new and deeper meaning as time goes on. This is especially true for psychic information relating to personal and spiritual development. By having a recording of your reading means that you can go back and listen to it again then reflect on the words and integrate the advice into your life.

Psychic readings are about providing you with information that helps you solve the issues you face in your situation. True psychic or clairvoyant information is never fatalistic. A good reading will give you highly accurate advice about how to deal with your given situation and where the psychic sees it going in the future. Remember that any predictions that are given never take away your power of choice. The best way to make use of the information in your reading is to recognise that it helps you to make informed choices with your life and the circumstances you are facing.

If you feel that a prediction is negative, recognise two things:

  1. the prediction is a warning of what MAY manifest if nothing else changes; and
  2. your power of choice and the decisions that you make, in light of the information in the reading, can totally change the outcome.

This is the beauty and fantastic power of receiving a genuine psychic reading.

You are now set to organise your psychic reading. Have fun, enjoy your connection to Spirit, and the messages they have for you.

Love and Light,

Jennifer, founder of ‘Light Dynamics’, a system of Healing and Spiritual Awakening, is one of Mystical Dragon’s trusted and gifted Psychic Development teachers. She is also a highly intuitive Spiritual Healer and Clairvoyant who provides clearing of negative energies, protection, healing, and reading services to clients.