TOS Mystical Dragon Readings, Healings or similar

Terms of Service for Readings, Healings or similar

  1. Mystical Dragon’s intent is to provide personal Healings and/or Psychic readings to individuals who desire a positive and helpful outcome or insight to present and future life issues. By scheduling any service offered, you are stating that you have read this legal disclaimer and that you understand and willingly enter into, agree with, and accept the following terms:
  2. Any information you receive from any and all communication or consultations with the Consultant is for educational, spiritual, and guidance purposes only and is NOT intended to, nor should it ever, take the place of any medical, legal, financial, traditional psychological, or other professional advice. Any Spiritual Consultant will not and cannot accept responsibility or liability for any decisions made or actions taken by anyone based upon consultations or communications with them. The choices you make and the actions you take are solely your own responsibility. You agree to completely hold blameless and absolutely indemnify, the Consultant, Services, business, and practice from any and all liabilities and expenses.
  3. Payment is to be made at your scheduled consultation. Should you need to cancel your scheduled consultation/service or should the Consultant require cancellation of your scheduled service, you will be offered the option of rescheduling that service. If your scheduled service is not rescheduled any payment received will be refunded.
  4. Any and all correspondence between yourself and the Consultant is intended for you only. Copyright laws and confidentiality agreements apply. The Consultant may use recording devices during communications, consultations, and/or sessions for the purposes of record keeping and to assist in the process of the services they provide. These recordings and all other personal information are kept strictly confidential at all times. You fully understand and agree to this and you agree that you will not share, publish, display nor distribute it in any way.

Definitions Used In This Article

  1. “Customer / Client” refers to the person, firm, organisation, partnership, corporation or other entity engaging in the services of Mystical Dragon.
  2. “Reader / Healer / Consultant” refers to the psychic medium, consultant, reader, clairvoyant, or healer who conducts your consultation at or on behalf of Mystical Dragon.

Restrictions On Use Of Services Offered

  1. You must be 18 years of age or above.
  2. You must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


  1. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, or the client’s situation has changed dramatically, Mystical Dragon does not recommend readings more frequently than once every eight (8) weeks.
  2. 100% accuracy by nature cannot be guaranteed. Working with spirit and psychic energy requires the participation of at least one person and people are imperfect. All messages and information come in Light and Love with the sole purpose of illumination, inspiration, and enlightenment but must be interpreted first by an imperfect human channel and then by the intended recipient. Whilst The Reader possesses a high level of accuracy and a lifetime of experience in interpreting these messages, they only receive the energy patterns they read; 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The Reader promises to use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the clients to the service are given positive guidance, however if the client is requesting specific information relating to:
    1. Definitions: it is recommended that clients seek advice from a solicitor/ lawyer
    2. Medical questions: the client must seek medical advice from a professional
    3. Business questions: it is recommended that clients seek advice from a financial adviser or business advisor
    4. Mental disorders: the client must clarify their condition by taking professional advice from a health professional


  1. Our consultants can assist you in your healing using various techniques to balance your energy and enhance your sense of well-being. These techniques may include, but are not limited to, energy/frequency healing through the laying on of hands, use of crystals, drumming, singing bowls, or aromatherapy oils.
  2. Your consultant may discuss the major stressors in your life, your belief systems, health history, your childhood, or any other issues that have an influence on your emotional and physical well-being. These discussions will be kept confidential.
  3. Our consultants are not physicians and therefore do not diagnose disease or prescribe drugs and will not advise you to discontinue any medical treatment you may be receiving. At all times your healing is your responsibility. The consultant’s work is intended to be in harmony with any other healing modality that you may undertake or currently be undertaking, including traditional medicine.
  4. You have had the opportunity to ask questions and you fully understand and of your own free will choose to enter into this legally binding disclaimer and all stated terms of service.