Wishbox Spell

Wishbox Manifesting Spell

Best Timing

Full Moon, New Moon or Waxing Moon is perfect

Required Items

  1. A small box (see below for suggestions on this)
  2. A piece of Clear Quartz or a piece of Turritella Agate (rough or tumbled works fine)
  3. A white candle (wish candle size works well)
  4. Pen and paper

What to Do

A great manifesting spell is using a “wishing box”. You can use any kind of box you like – you might have a trinket box you want to devote to this, or decorate a gift box to be your wishing box, or anything that speaks the most to you. Once you have decided what you will use for your wish box, and created it if necessary, gather your items for the spell.

Think about what it is you want and write it down in as much detail as possible. As you write, continue thinking about what it is you desire and envision it happening and how you feel about it as it is happening. It is best to focus your list on just a few things – a holiday, a bracelet, a workshop, etc.

Next, create your invocation/affirmation for the main item(s) you are wishing to manifest for yourself (do this for each item). For this, I have found something like the following is really ideal (replace my example in the brackets with what you need):
“Universe (God/Goddess/Spirit) knows how to connect me with the perfect (holiday) for my needs and desires.
It reveals to me the right next steps to discovering (the holiday) that includes everything I most desire for the good of myself and my loved ones.
I am so grateful for the path that is now unfolding to lead me directly to this wonderful (holiday) quickly and easily.”

Once you have your invocation how you want it, write it down on a separate piece of paper. Then hold your crystal in both hands and for several minutes think about what you are asking for coming to fruition and what it looks like and feels like (this is charging up your crystal). Do the same for your white candle.

Next, place your list of things you want to manifest in your wish box (fold it up if you need so it fits), and set up your white candle near your wish box and light it. Read your written invocation/affirmation out loud with feeling and then place it in your wish box (do this for each thing if you have several you are working on, but don’t go too crazy, one or two main focuses at a time is usually best) and then place your crystal on top of your pieces of paper inside the box. Close the box, have your power hand on your box (this is whichever hand you write with usually) and see the whole box charging up with energy for the Universe to super charge your request and manifest it quickly. Leave the candle to burn out near your wish box and leave your wish box somewhere special like on your altar or sacred space.

Once your wishes have been fulfilled, it is up to you what you do with your papers, but I like to burn them and scatter the ashes in the garden. xx