Introduction to Witchcraft seminar Live Online

FREE Introduction to Witchcraft seminar LIVE Online

Have you heard or read about witchcraft (Wicca) and want to know more? If you answered yes, then you should definitely join us for this FREE Introduction to Witchcraft seminar! Enjoy a relaxed morning, lead by a real-life Witch learning what witches do, what they believe and why they believe it. This seminar will remove the false demons and strip away any confusion you may have about Witches and Witchcraft.

Our ‘live’ online courses and minicourses, use a product, or program, called Zoom. To access your online session using Zoom there are no extra fees or costs. At a minimum, you need a computer with a webcam and speakers, or a tablet or a smartphone plus internet and email access. You can ask questions or share your thoughts with the group during the session by either typing or speaking aloud. Desktop computer users may need a microphone. A few hours before your session you will be sent an email containing the link you need to connect to the session.

Introduction to Witchcraft Seminar Live Online

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Introduction to Witchcraft seminar Overview

Enrolment Eligibility

  • No Restrictions

$0 Cost consists of:

  • FREE

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What is Provided

  • Live online experience

What to Bring

  • Pen and paper
  • An open heart

Seminar Duration

  • 90 minutes (roughly)

Seminar Capacity

  • 50 Attendees

Next Seminar

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  • Mystical Dragon College
    22 Heversham Drive
    Seaford (S.E. Melbourne)
    Victoria Australia 3198
  • Phone: 03 9782 5091

Your Mentor

Amanda, your Introduction to Witchcraft mentor

Seminar Topics

  • Defining a witch
  • What is witchcraft?
  • What is magick?
  • Ethics and Laws of the witch and magick
  • Misconceptions of witchcraft
  • White Magick, Black Magick, Grey Magick and Green Magick
  • A brief overview of the 8 witches celebration days
  • Recommended reading for the newbie
  • Ask questions of a real Witch
  • Find out more about our Embracing Witchcraft Program

About Your Facilitator


Amanda Godfrey is the founder of Mystical Dragon and a White Witch who currently practises as a solitary witch. She has studied witchcraft extensively and been a practitioner of it for over 20 years. Previously a High Priestess of a Coven she now leads Mystical Dragon’s Open Circles. Amanda has developed and taught many courses on witchcraft.

An eclectic Witch, Amanda is passionate about her Craft and is happy to share her knowledge and experience with you as she truly cares about her students.

With so many misconceptions out there about what witches are and how witchcraft works, it is easy to become confused and frightened by the whole concept. Many starting on the path, or intrigued by our magickal ways, are lost as to where to begin. This seminar will cover the basics to help make it easy to decide if this feels right for you, to fill in terminology gaps and point those wanting more in the right direction!

Amanda Godfrey