Working With Spirit Guides

Working With Spirit Guides

As a generalisation, a Spirit Guide is a incorporeal being who has an affinity with you, whether for a particular purpose or just generally wishing to be with you to guide you in your life. The easiest way to understand Spirit Guides is to recognise that they can generally be classified depending on the role they take on while working with you.

GUARDIANS, in most cases, are the most important spirits looking after you. They are often understood to be the wisest spirits helping us as an individual, as compared to more highly evolved spirits who help groups, countries, planets etc. Guardians are responsible for the overall protection and spiritual guidance you get, and are usually with you for the whole of your physical life. Guardians have access to the “akashic record” or what is sometimes called the “Book of Life”, and is often the one to remind you of your past lives. Another job they have is to help protect you when you intentionally, or unintentionally, leave your body (Astral Travel for example). They will be there to help you get to the spiritual dimension when you die.

WAY-SHOWERS, are spirits of similar spiritual age to you, working on the principle of “like attracts like”. They are usually not with you all the time. They come when you are “receptive”, or when they feel that their attempt at guiding you might help. They, like the Guardian, often have a loving energy link with you. Knowing you in this and/or a previous life/lives as a brother, sister, wife, etc.

HELPERS/GUIDES/TEACHERS are types of spirit guides often interested in some facet of your life (think; career vocation, hobbies, interests, parenting, etc). For example, if you are a carpenter, and a spirit who was a carpenter is aware that you are doing this, then he/she may take an interest in helping you in what you are doing.

DOORKEEPERS. If you do a form of mediumship (channelling) that involves you getting in and out of your physical body then a spirit is often appointed to help you get in and out safely and to stop other spirits taking over your physical body (“possession”). A Doorkeeper’s primary role is protection.

Most spirits show themselves to people who have clairvoyant sight as some “form” rather than their true “spirit light” image. This form is usually human but can just as easily be animal, mythical or even alien. This image usually represents the physical image that they had in a past life, not necessarily their last one. Therefore a guide, for example, might look like a Red Indian, Chinese person etc. Remember, however, Spirit is spirit. On our side of life it makes identification easier to have a recognisable form. Otherwise it might be hard for us to tell one spirit light from another while we are still physical ourselves.

A number of people, who are beginning to see clairvoyantly, see spirits as lights, and don’t know what is going on. This should finally resolve as seeing images in time. Particularly if you ask your “guides” to show you the “image” that they wish to be identified as.

The most important fact to remember about Spirit Guides is that they have both Strengths and Limitations as we do. As part of working with your guides, you need to understand their method of communication, it may be using your psychic abilities or via Dreams or automatic writing. In particular you need to develop your own working Psychic Dictionary with your Spirit guides to help you 1) distinguish between Literal Information and Symbolic Information and 2) learn the associations between the symbols and what they are meant to represent. Developing your working Psychic Dictionary is greatly assisted by journal work and matching messages to confirmations of the details given in the messages.

Accuracy of understanding the psychic information received is very dependent on the your recognition of the information as being literal or symbolic. For example, you may be wondering about the state of your relationship with a friend who you feel is growing distant. Using your Clairvoyance you may tune in to your friends face and then extend your awareness beyond your friends face. The information you are seeking is contained in the expression on your friends face, and the scene around them. For instance, they appear angry and biting their lip and the scene shows autumn weather with overcast skies and brown leaves falling in the wind. You can interpret this symbolically meaning your relationship is in a state of tension and your friend is upset with you but is holding back from telling you what is upsetting them. The Scene provides a prediction of the current course the friendship is taking, that is, the friendship is dying and passing into winter and the warmth of the friendship is leaving. You may choose to now approach your friend and invite them to share with you what is on their mind and do what you can to repair the friendship. You can repeat this tuning into the friends face, to check if you are making progress to repair the situation or whether you have now truly gone your separate ways. This is also a very practical application of using Clairvoyance and Psychic abilities in addressing issues and situations in your life in a conscious manner.

As on earth, sometimes you will encounter many different personalities, not all have your best interest at heart. To be sure you are receiving good advice remember the following: Spirit will never tell you what you have to do, they may show you different options, nudge you in a certain direction, but they will never demand you to do anything.

Spirit Guides will always talk to you with respect, which doesn’t mean that they don’t tell you how it is, or sometimes share things that you’d rather not hear. There is a degree of integrity like no other, and they expect that respect and integrity to be reciprocated, so approach this with an open heart and mind, gratitude and respect. Use discernment, and know that you are in control of your own destiny. If your ‘Spirit Guide’ is making unreasonable demands, chances are you are communicating with your own subconscious or ego, and not a Spirit Guide.

It is possible to invoke a Spirit Guide to join you. It works like an invitation. Make sure you are working within a protected spiritual energy space (like in Circle or in a Pyramid) and simply ask in your mind’s voice for a Spirit Guide to join you while explaining the purpose or reason that you want particular assistance with. Be patient. You will receive an acknowledgement and your new Spirit Guide will make themselves known to you.

The best way to deepen your companionship with your Spirit Guide is to spend time with them in Meditation, however with mindfulness practise you will learn to observe their input into your life during your daily activity. So don’t discount the small or mundane as even in those moments Spirit Guides can be hard at work trying to help, guide and support you.

There are a couple of points to remember when working with Spirit Guides. Spirit Guides are here to support and lend guidance and teaching, they are not going to solve your problems or walk your path for you. Don’t have unrealistic expectations, you are here to learn, and they are your mentors, not your parents. I know many who get angry that their guides don’t tell them what they want to hear, or tell them what they should do.

A teacher who has your best interest at heart and wants to love you and watch you grow is not going to give you the answers, but rather invite you to better understand the path you are walking. You are here to learn, and it would be a disservice to you if you were not encouraged to stretch and grow for yourself. Truth is, there is no growth without effort and growing pains. Secondly remember, if in doubt ASK. A true Spirit Guide doesn’t care if you ask them to identify themselves, or if you need a little assurance. If you get negative feedback from asking for validation chances are you are not talking to a benevolent Spirit and/or you are talking to your ego subconscious again. Fear and old programming do funny things to the human psyche and, as you work through these, chances are you may face some “demons” from your own subconscious. These are most often your own fears made manifest. Knowing what this is can help you work through these things more comfortably.

When you really begin to understand how your Spirit Guides are working with you; your path will be come more enjoyable for the sheer fact you have wonderful company as you walk your spiritual path.

Love and Light,

Jennifer, founder of ‘Light Dynamics’, a system of Healing and Spiritual Awakening, is one of Mystical Dragon’s trusted and gifted Psychic Development teachers. She is also a highly intuitive Spiritual Healer and Clairvoyant who provides clearing of negative energies, protection, healing, and reading services to clients. © Copyright to Jennifer Valente but this article may be reproduced and distributed provided the author is acknowledged.