Your Daily Protection

The following article has been written by Amanda Godfrey. Amanda is Mystical Dragon’s College Principal and channels messages from spirit which she shares regularly.

Your Daily Protection

Something that I get asked about a lot is protection. This is a highly important topic. Each of us is responsible for our own energetic protection and should be enhancing our protection daily. It is not something we can leave others to do for us.

A method that I have been using for years now is pyramids of protection. In meditation I visualise a pyramid around myself – with the base flat on the floor and the point coming up to just over the top of my head. I use a golden pyramid which has rainbows shimmered through it, but you can use any colour you like – and you can even layer a number of colours in your pyramid. (NOTE that there are 2 colours I would advise avoiding as your “top coat” colours of your pyramid and that is white and green. White is a powerful colour, especially for healing and clearing, however now when used as protection it actually lights us up so that we are better seen by lost souls and similar energies and so tends to attract these energies too you. Green is a powerful colour, especially helpful if you are wanting to create, amplify and manifest, so whenever your protection comes up against something of negative intent your green protection will tend to help manifest more of the problem).

Not only can you use this method for your personal protection (a pyramid around you), but you can also layer your protection by also placing another pyramid around your bedroom, your home, your property, your car or any other space you feel inclined to put protection. And no matter who you are and what you do for a living, your energetic protection is highly important. As you visualise your pyramid(s) ensure you bring in your intent strongly and KNOW that the method you are using works, keeps you safe and even helps you maintain health and harmony. Once your pyramids are in place you can call on specific Divinity, Archangel(s) or similar and ask for their guidance and protection as well (Archangel Michael is a popular choice here).

While one pyramid is effective for protection you can actually amplify your protection by placing a second pyramid as a mirror image pointing down into the ground below you, with its base flat against the base of the first pyramid – forming like a diamond. This double pyramid affect can be visualised anywhere, can also help you to dissolve ties to the people/places/situations that are draining you of energy plus will help to activate your Soul Star chakra (which is above your head) and your Earth Star chakra (which is below your feet). Believe it or not, the Earth Star chakra is actually linked strongly into our protection, so if it is activated our protection methods are far more effective.

The reason I say this should be done daily (morning and night is ideal) is that this energy builds up and strengthens the more we do it. So doing it regularly will help create strong protection – it is not something that is instantaneously impenetrable! Also, chakra balancing and having healing and clearing for yourself will help strengthen your protection as well. Most people don’t realise how interconnected our energy systems are – our chakras and the layers of our aura are very connected to one another and highly connected to our energetic protection as well.

What I have shared here is part of my daily routine and something I hope that you consider adopting into yours. Blessed be, may you be safe. protected and guided always xx”

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