Raylee Pandur

Mystical Dragon reader and healer, Raylee

Offering Auset Temple healings, Soul retrieval, Past life regression, Australian Bush Flower consults, and Hypnotherapy.

About Raylee

Raylee, a Spiritual Alchemist of Auset, was initiated in the Great Pyramid of Giza in Cairo.

How Raylee Can Help You

  • Auset Temple Healing
    • $150 each 60-minute session
  • Auset Soul Retrieval
    • $300 for the 2 separate 60-minute sessions required ($150 each)
  • Auset Past Life Regression and Soul Healing
    • $450 for the 2 separate sessions required (60-minute + 120-minute sessions)
  • Faery Reiki Healing
    • $150 each 60-minute session
  • Australian Bush Flower Essence Consultation
    • $135 each 60-minute session (first Essence blend included at no cost)
  • Combo half/half session – Reading/Healing/Australian Bush Flower Essences
    • $135 each 60-minute session
  • Psychic Protection Coaching
    • $135 each 60-minute session
  • Hypnotherapy Sessions
    • Price varies depending on topic you need help with, please enquire directly to Raylee for price

When Raylee Can Help You

  • Face to face appointments are held on the 2nd Saturday of every 2nd month
  • Distance Healings available by contacting Raylee directly

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Psychic Healer Raylee’s Qualifications

  • Auset Temple Healing level 1 (A.Godfrey)
  • Auset Temple Healing Divination (E.Jensen)
  • Auset Temple Healing level 2 (E.Jensen)
  • Secret Codes of Auset & Sekhmet (E.Jensen)
  • Auset Temple Healing Level 3 (E. Jensen)
  • Spiritual Alchemist of Auset (E. Jensen)
  • Auset Past Lives Soul Healing Alchemist (E. Jensen)
  • Angel Miracles level 1 (E.Jensen)
  • Angel Miracles level 2 (E.Jensen)
  • Angel Miracles Psychic Medium (E.Jensen)
  • Dragons as Friends certificate (A.Godfrey)
  • Dragons in Healing certificate (A.Godfrey)
  • Dragon DNA certificate (A.Godfrey)
  • Weaving Magick with Dragons certificate (A.Godfrey)
  • Reiki Usui Level 1 certificate (N.Jacobsen)
  • Reiki Usui Level 2 certificate (R.Wilson-Melville)
  • Shamanic Soul certificate (B.Morris)
  • Soul Guidance & Sacred Mentoring Practitioner (A.Fairchild)
  • Faery Reiki Master
  • Fairyologist Certificate (Doreen Virtue)
  • Psychic Development Level 1 certificate
  • Psychic Development Level 2 certificate
  • Psychic Development Level 3 certificate
  • Psychic Development Level 4 Psychic Circle certificate
  • Psychic Development Level 4 Intuitive Healing certificate
  • Psychic Development Level 4 – Mediumship
  • Psychic Development Level 4 – Channelling
  • Psychic Development Level 4 – Sensing Murder
  • Advanced Psychic Development Certificate
  • Bachelor of Behavioural Sciences (La Trobe University)
  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (Box Hill TAFE)
  • Masters of Health Sciences (Griffith University)
  • Psych K Basic Workshop (I.Spicer)
  • Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner (Centre for Complementary Healing Studies)
  • Embracing Witchcraft Program certificate (Mystical Dragon)
  • Light Dynamics Level 1 certificate (J.Valente)
  • Light Dynamics Level 2 certificate (J.Valente)
  • Light Dynamics Level 3 certificate (J.Valente)

Raylee’s Affiliations

  • Member, IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists)
  • Member, IMDHA (Associate of International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association)

Raylee’s Bio

As a child, I remember knowing things were going to happen before they happened, and instinctively sensing when something was wrong or danger was present. I recall lucid dreaming, and being told that I spoke a ‘foreign language’ in my sleep, which I now know was channelling. I also knew that all of the ‘creatures’ in Enid Blyton’s books were absolutely real and all I had to do was find them!

Whilst at University I started doing intuitive readings using playing cards and their uncanny accuracy drew me lots of unwanted attention and requests for readings that lead to burn out. For many years I then tried to suppress any psychic ability, despite my burgeoning intuition, until the Universe decided that I’d had enough time in avoidance and abruptly woke me up. Since then, I have been drawn to studying multiple modes of healing, witchcraft, psychic development, and any related topics; voraciously working my way through the Mystical Dragon menu. I now recognise my many past lives as healer, witch and Egyptian Priestess among others, and am tapping in to the ancient knowledge that lies within my soul so I can be of service to others again.

What Raylee Loves About Being At Mystical Dragon

I found Mystical Dragon when I started looking for Light Dynamics Level 2. Once I’d found it, it became an important part of my life almost instantly, and I felt at home; as if I had finally found my ‘kin’. Throughout my life, people have said that they don’t ‘get’ me (including my father, who is ‘getting’ me less and less every day). However the unique qualities of individuals that walk into Mystical Dragon are so accepted, that it’s now the general population that feels odd to me! Being part of the loving and supportive Mystical Dragon community is a joy and a privilege and I am so grateful to have such gifted and magickal people in my life.


  1. Super special thanks for a wonderful healing session. Your healing has helped me feel more refreshed, renewed, optimistic, peaceful and supported.
  2. Thank you for your kindness and care. I am feeling heaps better and more energetic. You have been so helpful to me.
  3. I feel so calm now, thank you for everything you did.