Mission Statement

Mystical Dragon’s Mission Statement

We are passionate about empowering people and helping heal the world by increasing everyone’s vibration and light.

Mystical Dragon was born from a passion to help empower others. We felt that by giving people a safe place to come and find answers on their spiritual path and providing a platform for the right speakers, teachers, and healers to pass on their wisdom and healing that we could help make a positive difference in this world. The core beliefs that have always guided us are integrity, strong ethics, love, and professionalism. We constantly look for these qualities not only in ourselves but also in those we choose to allow to work from our centre. For us this is about more than just earning a living, it is also about helping to nurture our community and a way of life. We do our very best to hold our torch up high and shine in truth. We hope that Mystical Dragon always remains a place people can come to and feel safe and comfortable, and walk away with something positive, even if it’s just feeling a little lighter for having been through our doors.

Amanda Godfrey