Wish Chime Candles

$1.00 inc. GST

Quality two-hour Wish Chime Candles. Excellent for use in all your spellwork. Many colours are available in both metallic and non-metallic finishes.


We have two types of wish Chime candles, taper non-metallic and standard metallic.

Our taper wish Chime candles are made from wax which is fully refined and food-grade paraffin wax. It contains no ashes or resins and is used extensively in the food industry in products like greaseproof paper, paper plates and milkshake containers. It’s the same wax you find around cheese products and is even used on organic bananas. It has a high melt point of 62 degrees Centigrade so no acids are required to harden it. Unbleached Australian cotton is used for the wicking. The candles are made by dipping the wick continuously which results in a perfect candle every time.

The standard metallic wish candles are made from normal industry-grade candle wax.